Sunday, March 10, 2013

msu stallion expo

I went to the Michigan State University Stallion Expo yesterday with Jaime and Kyle. So much fun!! It was like a mini Equine Affaire. Vendors, tack, education, and horses! 

I got to meet Mary Procopio of New Horizon Haflinger Farm and her amazing stallion Stellar TVR. Mary wrote an article a while back on Haflingers being Warmbloods. Shy discussed it in one of her musings. It was a very interesting article and she said she is writing another. I can't wait!
Look how handsome Stellar is! I had instant forelock jealousy. And if there was ever any doubt about his Haflinger-ness, he passed the test. Jaime had a plastic bag and it made a noise. Stellar stopped what he was doing to investigate. Later, same thing, he walked over to Jaime to check it out. I have a theory that Haflingers are not afraid of plastic bags because they know food comes in them. 

We talked to a rep from ADM nutrition. When Shyloh was getting grain, she was getting Ultra-Fiber, a high fiber, low starch, low NSC grain. They make a few different feeds and mineral supplements and I really like their concept of Forage First. I would like to get Shy on their mineral supplement, but first we need to convince the local feed store to carry them. And bonus, ADM feeds are made in Michigan! We got large samples for all our horses. 

I also got to meet a fellow Michigan blogger and Haflinger owner at the expo! Janine from Hoofprints of Kaspin was there. And though we only had a few minutes to chat, it was fun to meet a blog friend.

I took a ton of photos. . .
Arab in costume
Donkey! Looks like a mini Tony
Gypsy Vanner 
Two rowdy mini studs
I liked his color
I liked his paint pattern in the back. I thought he looked lame on his rear left. . .later in his stall we saw a masseuse or chiropractor or something working on his rear left. My eyes are getting better!
Belgian Hitch team from Heritage Hitch Farms in Adrian, Mi
Leader mini!
So cool!
Love me some Double Dan!!
Amazing at liberty work!
Zelda the Zorse. Zebra and Belgian, 16 hands, 1600 lbs!
Cowboy Dressage. . .
More Double Dan!
Step one. . .
Step two. . .
Step three!
Look at the height!!
And made this video of the show they had in the evening. The Michigan Multijurisdicional Mounted Drill Team and Colorguard that were present at the presidential inauguration came in to sing our National Anthem. Double Dan Horsemanship came out twice to present. I love them! There was also a Pasa Fino show, a Zorse, and a six horse Belgium hitch. I was pretty much in heaven! Enjoy!


  1. You've got me itching for Equine Affaire now :). Just got our Fanatsia tickets, shopping list is started. Soooo, what did you buy?

    1. I am itching, too!!
      And I did well, I bought nothing! Saving for EA!

  2. That looks like heaven! Can't imagine that the minis would be rowdy?? Never... ;-) Glad you had a good day, Shy may be getting designs on that handsome stallion if she sees that picture!

  3. Wow, you got a ton more pics than me. I kept forgetting to get my camera out! Your camera did good too!! I am glad I got to meet you and I hope to do it again some time!! I might??? Go to Equine Affaire but not sure I can afford it?? Have fun!!

    1. Most I just recorded and took still off of that. I don't have a fancy camera and if I did, I wouldn't know how to use it!

  4. By the way, that picture you took of Dan jumping is awesome and wow did he get air!!! Amazing!!

  5. That looks like a lot of fun! The Haflinger Stallion is beaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful too.


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