Monday, March 18, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #80

More torture. 


I hate pokes!

I thought perhaps something special was going on. Allie got me before my breakfast and took me to my own little pasture. I got to eat my hay in peace and not have to run any other horses from my food. Then the weekend feeder lady brought me a big bowl of my own hay and pellets! Yum! I was being treated like a princess. 
Of course it snows right after I begin my shedding
But then Allie took me out of the little pasture. And the vet man came up to me. I had to give him the once over/evil eye. I didn't like the way he was looking at me. 

He took this sharp pointy needle and stuck it in my neck. Ouch! I backed up at lightening speed, needle hanging out of my neck. He was trying to get blood, but I was not letting my blood come out. I don't think he got the needle through all my thick, needle protecting hair. He had to try poking me all over again. I was not pleased.

Then the vet man poked me in my rear! Ouch! I spun around, needle sticking out of my bum.  Then I played keep my bum and needle away from the vet man. This was slightly more fun than being poked numerous times and it was a sight to see. . .Haflinger running around with a needle sticking out of her butt! The day was starting out so good with special food treatment, but now it was ruined by being poked. He had to poke me all over again. As if that weren't enough, he went to the other side of my butt and poked me over there, too! I tried my best to keep my butt away from him and his needles, but Allie seemed to be on his side. Vet man did say one good thing about me. . .he said my body condition looked good and asked Allie what he did. At least afterwards, I was let back in with my food.

As I was angrily eating some grain, I looked up and by big, black, beautiful boyfriend was there. Notch!! I got to hang out with him, and squeal at him, and show my my lovely rump, and eat with him. We trotted around a bit, but mostly hung out standing. I also met Isaac, the baby, for the first time. Notch might have some competition in my love department. Clutch was there, too, but we don't get along that much. The super nice barn ladies gave us all a flake of really delicious green hay. They are so nice at this barn!!
That is Notch's bucket. We can share food, but he got mad if I played with his bucket. Even when nothing was in it!

After my big boys left and Allie went with them, I was running up and down my pasture looking for them. When Allie came back, I was standing, looking like I was not just running around like a nut. But one of the ladies told on me, darn her. I don't like to let on to Allie that I actually care about things. I got put back in my regular pasture with my herd and I plan to be a wild horse for as long as I can!



  1. Wow! Notch is gorgeous! When you get bored of him send him on a plane to the Uk :-) Hope your sore rear feels better soon - those humans are so rude!

    1. Hee hee. I'll never get bored of that hunk. Plus he always shares his hay with me at shows, so he is a keeper.

  2. That sounds like a very bad day for a pony. Sorry you got poked!


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