Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pre show prep

Our first show is Saturday!! I can't wait for show season to start and I took my time with Shyloh today to start prepping her for the show. And since I won't be able to get out to the barn until Friday, I had to start today.

The first thing I discovered when I went to get Shy out of her pasture is that she is in raging heat. Raging. Like she doesn't even bother to put her tail down because in a few seconds it will be back up for her to squirt. Nasty. And she does this crazy walk with her back legs spread apart. Such a weird horse. 

The lucky horse of Shy's affection is ironically, Traveller, the horse she refused to let get past the fallen tree when he first joined the herd.  Oh yeah, she really likes him now. 
A new love
But, good thing for me, Shy seems to contain her moments of heat to the geldings. When she is with me, she is the same as always. I started to groom her today and I noticed this sticky tar-like substance on her tail, butt, and rear legs. Weird. I was pretty positive that it was not poop. It was black and sticky. Very odd. Since I was convinced it was not poop, I was touching it and pulling at it. Later, I discovered it might be poop and I was totally grossed out. But after I put her back with the herd (and after I sprayed her with fly spray), I went back to her and she seemed to have this substance on her again. Any ideas what it could be? I did not get any photos of it.

I worked as much of it off as I could and I am giving her a bath Friday, so I wasn't too worried about it today. The more I checked her out, the stranger Shy got. She had these blood splatters on her under carriage and little bumps as well.
See the blood splatters and bumps? Had to censor her lady parts.

See it here? I am guessing bugs are doing this since Dancer had it too. 
I sprayed underneath her with water and washed the area off. Apparently it did not seem to hurt or bother Shy because she never swatted me with her tail or even lifted a leg. Anyone know what this is?

I also cleaned the dust out of her new harness. I put it on Shy and wiped it all down. Gotta love biothane! So easy to clean! Then I stored it in a plastic container to keep it clean and keep the dust off. Now I just have to wash the pad. 
I had Shy wear the harness while I cleaned. She needs to take an active part in  pre show prep.
The last pre show prep for today included a shave. I sadly said goodbye to all of Shy's cute whiskers and trimmed up her long beard hairs. She still would not let me clip the outside of her ears. I can hold the clippers to the side of her face, right below her ears, touching her, but the second they come within a millimeter of ear hair, Shy says NO! I also trimmed up her hairs along her coronet band. I am not touching her feathers, I like them too much. And her bridle path got a touch up. I know I will have to clean everything up on Friday, but I wanted to get a head start since I have not trimmed her since last summer. 
Smooth as a baby's bottom.
I am so excited for show season and all the crazy, fun, and busy-ness that comes with it!


  1. The black, sticky, gross stuff is most likely from her being in heat and "squirting" everywhere. On the messier mares, it gets pretty crusty and gross back there :-/

    As for the rest...maybe bugs? Abercrombie gets really eaten up during this time of year - lots of bumps and scabs. If that's what it is, you might try Swat (I mix it with vaseline to make it last longer, and it's still just as effective) on those areas.

    Shy looks lovely all trimmed up!

    1. Yuck. . .I touched it! She has never been messy like this before, but maybe because she is outside now and has 24/7 access to her gelding of choice.
      Good idea, always looking for things to try.
      And thanks! Now if I could just tame that poofball of a forelock. . .

  2. Maybe midges are biting her udders? They're pretty hairless so easier to attack.
    Try some MTG, if you can stand the smell. The bugs don't appriciate the oily substance. Shy sure does look purty

    1. It's not so much her udders, but the area around them.
      MTG smells so nasty, but I can stand it if it will make Shy more comfortable. Another thing to try! Thanks!

  3. I used this technique for a horse I couldn't even touch with the clippers sedated and twitched when I first got her. It worked wonders. Good luck at your show.

  4. Crazy me, here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diycNXbKO88

    1. I don't know why I don't think of these simple things myself! So easy and stuff I already do a lot. Thanks for the video. I will be working on this between shows, I don't have enough time before this show, so hairy ears will have to stay.

  5. Yeah I agree with Miss Em that the back mess is from her being in heat. The bug bites on Kaspin are from the gnats. Maybe you have those, or both! Either way, they're annoying too. Have fun with the show!!

  6. The grossness of mares, second only to the nastiness that lurks under a geldings sheath!

    All my horses get attacked by blood sucking Gnats. They attach themselves to anywhere there is not skin and then leave scabs. I do have the perfect solution to your problem though. It works better than swat and does not smell bad at all. I do not know what MTG is. This is called Natures Edge http://naturesedge.net/ and it works fabulous! I slather it on my horses, anywhere there is not hair, around their eyes, and also anywhere the skin wrinkles like their throats and "arm pits". My horses prefer it to Swat, and usually cannot wait for me to get out there and "lube them up".

    1. Ewww. . .I can take the temporary heat cycle over a nasty dirty sheath any day!
      Thanks, something else to try!


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