Friday, May 24, 2013

pony time

I finally got to see my pony this week!

Shyloh was super excited to see me. . .
Is that a horse than can barely contain her excitement or what?
I was super excited to see that she was not in heat anymore and her lady parts have returned to normal. I think the rain helped wash her legs off and Shy was not a nasty mess.

I tacked her up in her harness and decided to work on some stuff that gave us trouble at the show, mainly our ameoba shaped circles. I am not sure we made much progress on this, I think we both kinda suck at circles. For some reason, I can never end up at my starting point and Shy does not help. Going to the left was much better than the right. She seemed a little stiff going right. I am not too concerned by this, as she picks different sides to be stiff on as it pleases her. We will just work on stretches and what not. 

Then we went for a little line drive. We encountered some scary things. . .

Stuff for digging a new well
Shy wanted to go this way, then decided it was scary once we were underneath.
Guess she thought she might not fit?
This picnic table has never been here before!
Not scary. 
Could have cared less about the barrel. 
Cutting new stall floors and banging them on the ground. Scary.

The good thing about all these scary things was that Shy just did not want to go near them. But I worked with her and we got her to go around the picnic table or up to the well materials or keep going under the roof.  She did scoot when the wood floor banged on the ground, but it was a quick recovery. 

We ended on a good note, until it came time to put Swat in her ears. And found a tick under her chin. Ugh. But back to those ears, I am not sure how the gnats are getting to her ears since they are so hairy, but they are. This was pretty much all I could do. . .
Glob of Swat in the ear. Hope it keeps those gnats away.
Then I got this look. . .
Pissy pony
But a few delicious treats took that look away real quick.
Hurrrr! Treats!
Crazy horse. Glad I'll get to spend the weekend at the barn with this goof!


  1. Replies
    1. I know! I am trying everything I can to keep them away.

  2. Glad you got out for some horse play ! You and Shy had me smiling !!

    1. Aw, thanks! Shy is the best little therapist. And she always has me smiling, too :)

  3. Ticks are super gross. Especially when they're all engorged. I have to use my multitool to take them off, because I can't stand the feel of them.

  4. Looks a great time was had by all! Dragon gives me the same look when I dare go near her ears... she does not like them messed with. Treats work for her too.... not much that can't be solved with food :-) Have a super, lovely weekend, you guys deserve it!


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