Monday, May 13, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #88

Sometimes Allie talks to me and it makes me so bored. . .

So so bored. . . She wonders if I am cold because I have shed out and I have mysterious patches of hardly any hair. 

She goes on and on about things like shows and harnesses and saddles. . .

Then she starts talking about being nice to the other horses. . .

And she asks me about all of my scratches, cuts, and scrapes from hanging out in the woods. 

Even when I am tacked up, she babbles on about nothing, nothing important in the equine world.

How do I get her to talk about more exciting things?



  1. Moms are always boring, specially with camera in hand. How come my teeth aren't as white as yours? What kind of whitener are you using?


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