Friday, May 3, 2013

new harness!

A friend who knew I was tentatively searching for a work harness sent me over a Craiglist ad last week. It showed a never used work harness that looked really cute. And had an unbelievable price. After emailing back and forth all week, I headed out to this place to pick up my new harness and collar. 
Hurrr. . . new stuff!!
Turns out that this was Pretty Pony Pastures, a therapeutic riding barn that uses all Haflingers! And a place that I had volunteered at once, way back when I first got Shyloh. 

But before I headed out there, I had to run to the barn for a farrier appointment for Shy. Of course, since I was rushing the clock, Shy was way out back and had no intention of taking one step in my direction to give me a break. I was so rushed, I forgot her halter and lead rope and I had to borrow one on the fly from someone who had their horse in a grass pasture on my way out there. Once I got Shy, I ran us both back just in time for the farrier to have just pulled up. 

Shy got her trim and I asked my million questions, as usual. Her feet look real good, as usual. He assures me of this every time, but I am still a worry wart about her feet. 

Jaime went with me to this far away location to pick up the harness, a collar for Shy, and a collar for my friend. Driving through rush hour traffic in a particular densely populated area does not make me a happy person. But when we got off the freeway, we went through some really cool small towns and country area. And finally, we made it.

I picked up my harness and the collars when Jaime asked about the stand the harness was on. After measuring the stand and my car, then totally emptying out my car and rearranging it to fit the stand, we got everything crammed in. Jaime kept hitting her head on the collar rack that was practically in the front seat. And I couldn't see out the back of my car. Leave it to Jaime to get an awesome deal on something. She is the best at that. When we repacked the car, I almost left out the harness I came all the way out to  get. . .oops! I was also offered a free practice cart, which I might actually go back and pick up. We did contemplate somehow attaching it to the roof of my car, but that never happened. 
Fully packed Mariner
The reason I needed (wanted) a new harness was that the different harness show in different classes. Shy's first harness was a breastcollar harness, which means that she would have to show in the pleasure classes. I don't know much about pleasure driving, but I do know it involved a variety of gaits that I have no idea how to get Shy to do. I am sure that there are other rules that I have no idea about, too. With the work or farm harness, which is the collar type, Shy can show in the draft class. There is only walk and trot in that class. No passing is allowed. It is so much simpler. 
Bridle and hames (not my pic)
Harness and harness rack that Jaime bought (not my pic)
Collars (not my pic)
I am going to take it down on Sunday to our clinic because I really do not know how to put on or fit this type of harness. That's why all I have are these Craigslist photos of the new harness. Have I mentioned that I am super excited for the clinic? On the way home, we stopped at Bass Pro Shops to look around. Can't pass that place without stopping!


  1. Looks like a bargain... pity you couldn't hitch up the practise cart behind your car. That would have turned a few heads as you drove back through the busy part of town!

  2. I loved my work harnesses - I think the Haffies look great in them, and yours has dots, too! I can't wait to hear about your clinic. It sounds fabulous!

    1. It's very cute! Just gotta figure out how to fit it.

  3. Shy is going to be even more good looking with her new gear!

  4. So exciting! Loving the look of this, can't wait to hear more!

  5. Congrats on a new harness for beautiful Shy! Look forward to clinic details. Love watching the draft horses doing their walk-trot. Gives me time to admire those handsome horses.

    1. Thanks! I love watching them, too. They are so amazing!


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