Friday, May 17, 2013

she knows. . .

She knows. . .

I have tried to keep it under wraps for the past two weeks or however long it has been since I have known.

But Shyloh found out somehow. . .can she read my thoughts?

I began to suspect she knew something when I gave her a bath today. Usually, Shy is pretty good for a bath. And while she does not like her face sprayed, she will tolerate it. Today, she was an absolute beast. She would not even let me finish washing the shampoo from her forelock. 

Then I tried to clean the nasty from her lady parts. I have never seen her lady parts so disgusting! Shy was not down at all with having clean lady parts. I did the best I could, but I had to keep chasing and fighting her. 

After her bath (where I am pretty sure I got more soap and water on me than she did), I took her to dry off so I could pack everything for the show tomorrow. 

Between the stank eye looks at me and this. . .
Pleading an insanity case
. . .I was truly convinced that she knows. She may have overheard me at some point. I thought I was careful in being quiet about it. 

After she had dried, I brushed her mane and tail out. So clean and pretty and wait. . .what is this?
Nasty! Die tick die! I found that bugger in her tail, at least it wasn't attached. Shy had her tail clamped down so hard (most likely to keep me away from trying to finish cleaning those lady parts) and was not cooperating at all when I was brushing her tail. 

When I went to brush her forelock, I knew she knew something for sure. Shy usually loves her forelock brushed and lowers her head for it. But today, Shy would not let me touch her forelock at all. Not with my hand, not with the brush. In fact, she got downright violent at some points, jerking her head away so hard I thought she was going to snap the cross ties. There was no reason for this behavior and I was getting frustrated. Very frustrated. 

I thought maybe her ear was bothering her, but she would not let me get close to it at all. Again with the violent head jerking but that was mixed with her laying her head into my shoulder. It was weird. She was clearly messing with my psyche. 

And she knows. I really did not want to say anything to her in case she decided to become "lame" or have some other made up Shy ailment. 

I asked some other people at the barn about her odder than usual bevahior and they said she might have bug bites from gnats in her ears and to use Vasoline or Swat. Ha, good luck to me trying to get something in her ear. I gave up on this and tortured Shy in other ways. . .

Like this!
Finally get to use the sleazy! Hope it's in one piece tomorrow. . .
Hey, after all that hard work and fighting with Shy, I was not about to have her undo it all in a night. Luckily for us, Shy was offered a stall for the night in the prestigious Thoroughbred barn. Shy got a giant stall and some hay. She seemed pretty happy. But I am afraid for what tomorrow brings when I get to the barn in the early morning. 
A stall??!!
Because what Shy seems to know is that she will be showing in a cart class! First one ever! 
Whoo hoo! Cart class! Is there something in my teeth?


  1. mmmmm, maybe a tick in the ear? Personally I hate baths, so very glad I don't have to get cleaned all up for showing like that!

  2. Good luck! Have a blast. I hope its sunny so you get great photos!

  3. Yeah she might have a tick up near her ears. Horrible thingies. I found one on Flurry this week.
    Shy looks hilarious in her 'jammies

  4. Have a great day at the show! Can't wait to hear how she does.

  5. Good luck! Can't wait to hear about it.


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