Wednesday, July 10, 2013

lead line pony

Shyloh has a new job. . .in addition to the other stuff we have been doing. She is now going to be a lead line pony! Her first debut in lead line will be at the Good Old Days show which is put on by Becky. We are very excited!
Pony excitement!
Shy will be toting around Lily and Tommy, my friend Terry's niece and nephew. They all came to meet Shy and practice what they will be doing. Terry and her sister, Alison, have been around horses all their lives and owned Resy. Resy had passed peacefully over the winter, he was in his 30s. I was so glad that they came out to the barn today.

We started with some basic horse safety. Although Lily and Tommy rode on Resy and lead him around before, it had been a while and they needed a refresher. Then they groomed Shy.
Brushing all the spots
They even picked her hooves!
How adorable is that?
Shy kept her ears on the kids the whole time. Shy stayed super still and was very good. I think she was curious and a little nervous, but when she realized the kids were just brushing her, she relaxed and closed her eyes a bit. But she still had her ears on the kids. 

Then we worked on leading. I think Shy knew we were doing some serious business because as we walked to the paddock, she didn't even stop for bites of grass. She always stops for bites of grass. Lily and Tommy took turns leading Shy around, learning how to turn her, and learning how to stop her. Shy was an angel. She was so relaxed, walked at the kids' pace, and was just so patient with them. She didn't try to pull away from them or run them over or anything. 
Mohawk on Shy
Learning what makes Shy go and what makes her whoa
So attentive to the kids. Made my heart smile
Next, I put Shy's show halter on and showed the kids how to walk her around with that on. They even used the show stick. We spent a little bit of time squaring Shy up, but mostly worked on walking her in a square. 
Good thing she has a mom and an aunt who can get her to hold the line properly!
Finally, on to the part the kids were waiting for the most! Time to ride! The kids helped me tack Shy up and Cowboy Tommy was up first. I walked him around on Shy and she was perfect. She plodded along while Alison' gave Tommy tips on how to sit correctly. 
He tried his hardest to stay serious
Lily had a turn to ride Shy, too. Alison gave her a bit more instruction on correct posture, since she was a bit older. Lily was a little more fidgety on Shy as she tried to sit right and Shy did a quick step, but seemed to catch herself and stopped immediately. Lily didn't even seem to notice. 
So precious!
Both concentrating
Shy kept her ears back on the kids the whole time, but walked so carefully with them up there. Maybe she knew she had little kids on her? Anyway, Shy was amazing!

When we got done, the kids gave her some apple and Shy did her bowing and horn honking for them. It was fun! I am glad Shy was good for the kids and happy that she is going to be a lead line pony!
nom noms


  1. Makes my heart smile too! Your Shy is a special girl. :D

  2. How sweet! Shy wants to be a babysitter pony :D

    1. She had a lot more patience with the kids than she does with me sometimes!

  3. Replies
    1. I may be slightly biased, but I am thinking super cute!

  4. Well done Shy, lead line pony extraordinaire :-)

  5. So sweet, both Shy and the kids. I'm imaginging Grandbaby someday doing the same with Camryn :)

    1. Soon! It will melt your heart :) Camryn will be amazing with grandbaby!

  6. Super job Shy! And it sounds like you were pretty patient too. It's fun having something so special to share.

    1. I loved it! So proud of the pony :) I love when other people have as much fun with her as I do!


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