Thursday, July 4, 2013

scooty driving

Sassy pony! Shyloh was very scooty when we were working, but I believe that was her attempt to get out of doing work. 
Me, try to get out of work? Never!
As you can see, she was thrilled to work. . .as she always is. . . 
Is that the face of a pony ready for work or what?
It's funny because she never looks happy to get harnessed up, but she is perfect for it. She stands amazingly still while I fiddle and adjust the harness and she has no issue with the bridle. I think her looks are all for show. She is a very dramatic little pony.

For Shy being so scooty during our whole line driving session, it really was one of the best line drives we ever had. She tried scooting when we walked past some stalls and a horse made a noise but I backed her up and made her do it again. She tried scooting in our tree course but I backed her up and walked her through it again. I think Shy got about five or six real good scoots in, which way more than normal when she is in a scooty mood. I could tell she truly was not scared or anxious about anything because she was not amped up or nervous or anything really. After each time, I backed her and made her go in the exact same spot or do the same thing we were working on and she was fine. And her backs were amazing! Best backing I have ever gotten out of her, usually backing is a fight. Shy was trying to play me and I was not letting her get away with it. 

Even though she was scooty, we still had fun. We practiced our combined (line) driving skills. 

We went through puddles and over various terrains. . .
Water obstacle, no prob!
And we completed a tree (cones) course. 
Shy takes turns like a pro!
We did everything but the dressage part. Could you imagine? Me and Shy doing combined driving? I would really have a lot to work on with myself if we ever even attempted that. But it's fun to dream.

We also practiced fanning, similar to turning on the haunches. I have never seen Shy turn so well! I was able to get her to turn gee and haw by turning on one foot. It was amazing! 

After an apple, I put Shy back in her new herd. She almost immediately found her spot and began to take a nap. Such a drama queen, like our walking line drive was that tiring. Silly Shy.
Hard working pony needs a nap


  1. LOL I love her snooty look... and her tired look... and her, "Oh, my, I am such an abused, overworked Pony" look! Hooray for Haffies and their silliness!

    1. So silly! I love how she makes attempts to get out of work, yet they are half hearted and she will still work so well for me.

  2. My guess is she was trying to evade work so she could get back to the herd and make sure everything was in order. My friend's horse (Anne & Gigi who did the trek with me last year) turned into a complete nutter when she was moved into a new herd. She was 2nd in command and was always anxious that she might lose her place when she was away, so much so that Anne was genuinely scared to ride her. It took her ages to settle. It sounds like Shy is not as stressed as her so will probably adjust to her new herd dynamics quicker.

    1. Yeah, Shy did not seem stressed at all, she was just trying to get away with stuff. She doesn't seem to care being away from the herd, even when they call for her she never responds when I take her away. She is such a weird horse, haha. So not normal.

  3. Shy would be awesome sweet doing CDE. i'd love to do it with Mitch because I think he could do it pretty spectacularly. But the cost... oh the 'orrors, tha bloomin' 'orrors.


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