Monday, July 15, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #93

It's gonna be a scorcher this week! Stay safe ponies!

Apparently Allie went to a big Haflinger show this weekend (without me, thank goodness!) and has got a bug up her butt about really working on finally fixing the cart.
I even stopped eating to stare at her and question why she was doing this
I was not pleased. Not pleased at all. 
Go away cart, you are dirty
Really, I don't mind driving and all that, but I think I am not a fan of that cart. Not sure why. No other cart bothers me so. I am not afraid of this cart, I just really don't want to be near it. Maybe because I have bad memories with it?

Anyway, I was kinda glad to see Allie after her long absence. . .not nicker to her happy, but happy enough. As we went back to the front, I had a posse of Koda and Tony follow us out. 

And, I even decided to show Allie where the blackberry bushes are. She never would have found them herself. She is under the misguided impression that berries grow on shrub type bushes. I took a bite of a berry. . .not ripe yet. 

I got to graze on some good grass then I was sent back to my buddies to nap. It is just too hot to move, so better thing to do than nap? I have a feeling I will be napping a lot this week.

Gotta love shade and a nice breeze


  1. Is the cart lower than the other carts you have used? A trainer I used was very insistent that the reins not lie heavily on the horse's butt. He showed us all kinds of ways to raise the seat to get the driver's hands higher.

  2. Shy how sweet of you to show Allie where the berry stash is. ;)

  3. Nice posse Shy, is that Tony the donkey we see, loving the ear variety :-) Stay cool, we gotta heat wave here too, any excuse for a good siesta is fine by us!

    1. Yup! Tony loves to hang out up front, just not by himself, so he will follow any horse that goes up there.

  4. They look like more raspberries to me? If so that's good. Raspberry leaf is very good for Moody Mares!

    1. They looked like raspberries to me too, but the people said they will turn black. I really have no idea. . .I can't keep anything alive that grows in dirt.


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