Friday, July 19, 2013

why the smiles?

Why is Shyloh smiling so? Well. . . one, because she is always smiling. Really, I am starting to think she has some disorder over the excessive smiling. She does it all the time. I will look away and turn back, there is Shy smiling in my face. When she eats something new, when she smells something, when I am laughing, and when she wants something. . . its all smiles. If she wasn't so darn funny looking when she does it, it might be an issue. 

But today, I think she was smiling because she knew that even though I only gave her a couple treats, she could go back into her pasture which is a literal smorgasbord of treats. 

All the apples off the apple tree that are within horse reach are gone. But there are some on the ground. Shy was scooping the little apples up. She was picky as to what apples she would eat though. I am not entirely sure what her criteria for an edible apple was, but they did have to be whole apples. No smashed or part apples for Shy. 

Or Shy could be smiling because she knew that after she got her spray down, she could have a nice dirty roll in the sand. It's fun to watch her roll, because rolling is serious business in the horse world. First, the most perfect spot must be found. Then, the back legs have to kick up underneath you for some unknown reason.  Next, it's down the the ground as quick as you can! You must thrown your head into the sand, stretch your neck, and dig it in to ensure that every mane strand gets thoroughly coated with the sand. Repeat on both sides while flailing your legs in the air. Finally, it is time to get up!

Perhaps Shy was smiling because she new she had a nice, full, clean tank of water. Nothing is quite as good as a cool drink of water on a hot summer day!

Or maybe, just maybe Shy was smiling because we had an early celebration today. You tell me why she is a smiley pony!


  1. She does smile a lot, I have wondered about that! It's so cute!

  2. I'm guessing that she is smiling because it is almost the anniversary of when she got her new, wonderful human mom.

  3. Harness her natural tendencies and create a cue for it! =)

    1. She does have a cue for it. She will do it when I ask, but it is never quite like when she does it on her own. It was so easy to teach, since she does it a lot.

  4. Smiley pony! When you have as much to smile about in your life, why not? :-)

  5. That is one cute Haflinger Lady you got there! Don't think it's a disorder, it's just the pure joy of life! Have fun!

  6. Thanks :) I am glad Shy seems to enjoy her life with me! Thanks for stopping by!


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