Sunday, October 13, 2013

marsh time

I feel that I have been neglecting poor Shyloh all weekend. But I suppose if she was not so adverse to doing fun things (or if I was able to ride or drive her) then we could do fun things together. But, we are not there yet. . .so I will have to have my fun with the minions. 

Me, Jaime, and Terry took Meatball, Dexter, and Reba to Crosswinds Marsh for a fun day with ponies! It was Reba's first time being ridden off the property since Jaime got her and Terry was more than happy to be the test dummy. Actually, Reba was very good for Terry and Terry has been riding for so long that any of Reba's mini temper tantrums (like thinking turning around would get her back when in fact we were doing a giant loop) did not bother her at all. 
Terry tricked her to go into the water by backing her in.
These two love each other!
I started out with Meatball and he was such a great little pony. We walked and trotted and had a great time. But I think the gravel road made his little pony feet sore and we spent as much time as we could on the grass. A little over halfway through, Meatball ran out of gas and didn't want to go any further. 
The trees were so pretty as they are turning colors.
Meatball and me!
Meatball's turn with Jaime on the lines.
Then I switched to Dexter. Turns out, Meatball was just playing me because Jaime got him to go. Grrrr. . .why is that ponies can always get one over on me? But Dexter is a ton of fun to drive, too! And I love the four wheel cart he uses. For being such a young pony, Dexter was great on the trails!
Dexter's turn!
Nothing seemed to bother him. 
We all had a super fun day riding around the marsh. The horses were all so good. Meatball was the official greeter of all the other horses we passed on our way around, he nickered to everyone. Each of the horses took turns in the lead and following. They were all just so good. Can't wait to do this again soon! I even got some video of our ride and drive.


  1. I do believe I see a Mini in your future!!! ;)

  2. So cool Allison !! We have been driving a lot lately also , such fun this time of year.
    I always send you post with the black clydesdale (?) to a friend too ~ because they have a mini they drive and have been wanting to get a riding draft horse :)

    1. This draft is a Shire, but my friend's have another gelding that looks just like her, but he is a Clyde. They both are great riding horses. Love the drafts!

  3. What a great time!! Those ponies are just adorable :-)

  4. The minions are just way to cute! And I agree with Camryn ;-)


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