Monday, October 28, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #106

Before I can even talk about me, Allie asked me to do a PSA about her giveawy. Today is the last full day to enter to win this Horze women's college jacket. So you better enter for your chance to win!

Now back to the important stuff. . .me. There is so much more of me now! I find it to be quite wonderful, even though Allie complains that my tack doesn't fit. Oh well, work is over rated, right?

But Allie has been going on and on (as she often does) about my lack of self control with my precious round bale. All day access to hay is the best thing ever invented!
I heart eating! It's my most favorite thing.
Allie thinks it is not. . .and I have been deemed the Supreme Ruler of Minions (and Reba when she is in heat). I am permanently housed with the minions (and Reba when she is in heat, like now). The minions don't eat much, therefore I know do not eat much. 
I am sharing this super small pile with Meatball. When it gets low, I will run him off so I can have the rest.
But when I do eat, I make sure I eat my fill over the minions. I am the boss. And I get the most hay. Which really isn't much at all. 
Sharing with Reba. Gotta close my eyes to savor every bite.
I'm the only one left cleaning up all the scraps.
And to make matter worse, a "chastity" board was put at the bottom of my stall! Now I won't be able to share Isaac's hay or steal is grain. I guess two leggers were confused as to how both of Isaac's buckets and Notch's buckets were ending up in my stall. I have that much talent.
My stall is on the left end, then Isaac's, then Notch's. See how there is a bottom board now between me and Issac?
Allie says she is NOT buying new tack to fit my ever expanding girth, so my girth must accommodate my tack. I call bull. . .I need no tack at all. Why can't I just eat all day?
This is for FH at The Three Muleteers. Gunny's love of food dominates over his fear of people.


  1. Have our Mom's been talking or what? Mine actually mentioned a grazing muzzle for next year. I'm quivering. Though perhaps if I win your contest the surprise will make her forget the grazing muzzle for a while?

    1. If you make yourself impossible to catch, she will never get the muzzle on you!

  2. Nominated you for the sunshine award

  3. Shy, you are supremely talented and the humans must work hard to thwart your food grabbing attempts.


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