Monday, December 2, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #111

The two leggers decided to poop pick our pastures yesterday. This made me happy because I like a clean living space. 
Me and Dexter in a nice clean pasture.
When I had a box stall, I always had a corner for my business. I tried not to use the stall if I could help it. . .but sometimes I didn't get to leave for long amounts of time. My business stayed in that corner and I was able to use the rest of the stall as I saw fit, which was mostly napping or mugging people passing by for treats.
I will not lay over there, way too dirty for me!
In my standing stall, I do my business to the back and side.That way I can step over and not be standing in my poop. Recently, I have been practicing tricks. I kick my empty food bowl back and poop in that. No mess!
Pure talent
In the pasture, I tend to walk to the far corners to do all my business. But, I live with minions, so I cannot control where they go. So, there was often poop where I wanted to stand. Or lay. And I refuse to lay in yuckiness. Some ponies (ahem Meatball and the drafts) do not care what they lay in. I am rather picky. It must be dry and it must be clean or I will stand. 

But yesterday was poop-b-gone day! And this is how the two leggers decided to take on the task. . .
Jaime found a large chunk of what could only be my mane. But I am not missing mane or forelock. Are we sneaking in sexy blonde ponies after dark? I'll never tell!
Full load!
At first, I was like oh hell no! I hate the sled! My head shot up and I pranced all around. But very quickly, I realized that no work was intended for me and there was hay to be eaten, so I got down to doing what I do best. 

But the meager rations I have been getting make me a mean, hungry pony! I have perfected the bite a minion, kick a minion, and toss my head, all in the same swift move. It is pretty impressive.
Wasting away!!
So, what about other horses out there? Are you clean or dirty?



  1. "I have perfected the bite a minion, kick a minion, and toss my head, all in the same swift move. It is pretty impressive."

    LOL love it (sorry, minions)

    1. Hungry ponies result to drastic, yet silly, measures.

  2. I certainly can see a slim horse there! She looks beautiful!

    1. There is still a fat layer on those ribs, but at least you can tell the difference between her rear and sides.

  3. Well Shyloh, you've seen the pictures of Flurry so you know he's a filthy-dirty kinda horse. And Aero isn't a whole lot better, but he's black so he doesn't show the dirt as bad.
    PS Flurry is much kinder to his minions. He ALMOST shared his hay with Spirit, his lookalike minion.

  4. My mum mucks our pastures 2x day, so they are plenty clean. But I like to fine clean muddy spots to roll in. Those are the best!

    I am also on a diet. Mum says my butt canyon (that's the dent along my spine between my haunches) is getting smaller so I must be slimming down. Also she says I need a smaller girth. Alas, I don't have any minions to take out my hunger aggression on. Maybe I should ask for some for Christmas?

    1. Don't let her take away your Applebottom! Then it won't match your boots with the fur!
      And, yes, minions for Christmas. You can get them to do all your evil biddings.

  5. My fat fingers deleted a comment. . .sorry Mallory! She said "Shyloh is so cute and Adorable! How can you stand it!? = )
    She is gorgeous too!! "
    And the answer is she is super sassy, it evens out the cuteness :)

  6. Oh you look cute in your winter fluff! Always good when the humans do poop duty. The minions here are untidy too....


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