Wednesday, December 4, 2013

just pony stuff

Brrrr. . .it has been too cold to want to do anything or even want to leave my house without 20 layers on and looking like the kid from A Christmas Story. But, the cold does not bother my hardy little pony. Even though today it is supposed to be over 50*F then drop back down to 25*F this weekend. . .
I got a text from Jaime saying Shyloh refused to come inside one night and she was running around the pasture doing her head toss. Leave her out then, I said. She knows what she is doing. . .Jaime threw her some extra hay and Shy survived the night.

She loves to plant herself when I try to bring her in.
The next night, I was there late and helped with the nighttime routine. It is my favorite thing I rarely get to do (because they usually come in after 10 pm). The big boys come in first and walk right to their stalls. Then Reba (because she is in slut pasture right now) gets to come in while the minions run to the round bale for the night. Shy is held back because if she gets to the round bale, there is no getting her back. If she is feeling cooperative, she waits her turn and gets walked into the barn. If she is not feeling cooperative, she runs around tossing her head and gets left out.
Nah, I'll stay out, thanks!
In the morning, Jaime gave her some warm water to drink. Shy chose, yet again, to just smash her nose through the ice layer of the trough to drink cold water. Although, I don't blame her. I don't drink hot drinks and I love ice in water. But, weird pony.

Last night, Shy was feeling cooperative and came inside with me. Good pony.
She wanted to play chase
Although, Jaime did say that even though they added an extra board to the bottom between her stall and Isaac's stall, she still manages to get his grain bucket. Sneaky pony.

While I was looking around for my orange bucket so I could sit on Shy, I took her halter off. I figured she wouldn't move, she had hay in front of her. I was wrong. . .she went right for a bag of Reba's treats! I got her away and told her she was a treat stealing jerk and she smiled at me! Bad pony!

Then she came in another night with no halter on. It was found in the bigger pasture that Shy does not go in. . .How does that happen? I told Jaime I had extra halters, but Jaime has been convinced that Shy could fit into one of the bigger mini halters. . .and she did. Sad face from me!
Shy's head is directly in between that of a cob and a horse. She fits on the smallest setting for horse or the biggest setting for cob. 
Not a happy pony, this halter is clearly much to small for Shy's horse sized head
And lastly, I think Shy's driving days (or attempts at driving days) may be over. At least with me on the lines without any help. She was drinking some water one day and Jaime's sister got out Meatball's cart to take him for a drive. Shy took one look at that cart and galloped to the back of the pasture. Guess she is trying to tell me something. . .
Shaggy head, but I love me a fuzzy pony!


  1. Q plants herself like that sometimes, too! MARES.

  2. hahaha I referenced a christmas story today too :P

  3. Haffies are nigh on impossible to fit, aren't they? I swear, instead of a Big 'N Tall store, they need a Short 'N Wide store. They're halfway between everything in all the wrong places!

    1. Yes! I hate buying stuff because I never know if it will fit. Shy isn't even a super wide Haffie.

  4. She has such an attitude! It's so funny. Connor does the same with water, wonder if it's a hardy native pony breed thing? Our barn doesn't freeze over often, but it froze over Thanksgiving so my trainer bought all the horses that stopped drinking when it got cold heated buckets. This did not include Connor, who judging from the jagged ice in his almost-empty bucket had a blast breaking ice to drink heartily all night. Ponies!

    1. It must be a hardy native pony thing. And I think they like to smash with their noses. Fun times!

  5. Shy is quite the character ... I think she needs her own sitcom .lol

  6. Shy sounds like she's made for winter! She looks fine in her winter woolies!

  7. My haffie loves to break through the ice too. She breaks it and everyone else drinks from it. LOL


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