Monday, December 16, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #113

Allie is a liar. I was promised no more parades and next think I know. . .I am getting decorated for another parade, in a snowstorm!

At least this one was smaller and the kids were respectable. The parade officials actually listened to our request and thanked us for participating! We were not by any scary or loud floats. The only downfall was that the amazing parade announcement that Allie came up with was not announced as we walked by. They mixed us up with the Gypsy Vanners, who didn't even go! And Allie would like to point out that they were the ones who convinced us to do this parade :)

This is what they were supposed to announce, "See the dynamic drafts of Hidden Creek Draft horses! These horses are all around fabulous! From showing in local shows and county fairs to trail rides, barrel racing, dressage, and wagon rides, the drafts do it all!  The horses at Hidden Creek Draft Drafts range from 3 to 18 and include 2 Percheron geldings, a Clydesdale gelding, a Shire mare, a Haflinger mare, 2 mini horse geldings and 1 mini mule."
We were running super late because of the roads. . .and the fact that we almost always run late! So I was not nearly as cute as last parade.
The bows actually looked nice at one point, then I shook my head and let my mane blow in the wind.
Checking out other floats getting ready in the distance
Jaime and Dexter!
Kyle and Clutch!
Terry and Reba came this time!
We were so good!
Bug horses decorated 
Dexter trudging through the snow
All of us in the parade!
Me and Allie. I was Scrooge McHorse and wouldn't keep my antlers on my head.
We were all so good and everyone loved us! The kids asked if they could pet us and we let them. They said "Awww cute ponies!" to me and Dexter and "Wow, big horses!" to Clutch and Reba. I guess that even though I was promised no more parades, I had fun at this one. But really, no more parades!



  1. You were all very dedicated to go parading in a snowstorm. It looks nasty!

  2. You guys are so intrepid! Brave snow ponies all of you, well done!

  3. I got cold just looking at the pictures! Looks like all of you did a great job!

  4. I think you were all Nonook Drafts.... the snow was amazing! I'm glad you got a chance to go - I would have stayed home and watched TV!!

  5. Wow, I can't believe you went out in that. I am definitely a fair weather parade goer. I would have canceled. Well, any parade around here that was scheduled with that kind of weather would have canceled. Glad you had fun and made it home safe.

    1. A lot of people canceled, but we figured, why not? Ended up having a good time and the horses were good, too.

  6. AH ha ha , We did a parade in the snow Saturday with the minis :)
    Parades are like potato chips once you get started , you wan

  7. Hope you got tons of carrots for braving the snow for another parade. You guys all looked awesome!!!

    1. No carrots, but a huge candy cane! And a twizzler we found in the street. . .still in the wrapper. It was good, never had one before.

  8. You are such a cute parade pony, though!

  9. You are a great sport & looked adorable! Hope you have a Merry Christmas :)


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