Monday, December 30, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #115

Sometimes Allie needs a hoof to the head to get a clue. I have been giving her hints for a few days now that I am ready to ride, but she is still a chicken. 

Okay, sure, she has taken little steps, but I think I really want to get out!

Hint 1: I was super good for Allie when she rode me in the barn. I had a grand total of zero scoots! I was having so much fun and was so happy Allie was riding that I didn't want to stop at all. Jaime was there to help Allie relax (I can't really blame her, I haven't been the most trustworthy of ponies). I think once Allie uncurls herself, she will find it much easier to ride me. 
Getting tacked up!
Hint 2: Jaime got a new three step mounting block (mostly so Terry won't be descending on her horse from the hay loft). I used to be so terrified and scared when people stepped up above me quick. I would snort and back up and show the whites of my eyes.  When Allie came to look at me before she bought me, she hopped on a tree stump to mount me and I spooked! Not anymore, though. Allie climbs up, jumps off, drapes herself over me, and I don't even care. She even climbed the hayloft and looked down on me! It has taken a long time for me to get comfortable with all these shenanigans, though.
Up high!
On to the second hint. . . I was telling Allie to go ahead and get back on me. I pawed and pawed at the mounting block, then lined myself right up to it. I can't make it any more clear than that, right? Usually, I am a squiggly worm at the mounting block and I move my rear end away. Not any more though!

Allie took my hint and got right up. I kept eating my hay snack and let her get comfortable up there. Now that I have stopped freezing and started breathing, Allie needs to do the same. I will help her out. 

Hint 3: Allie got up on me again, but had a foot resting on the top step, since the mounting block is so tall. I knew this wouldn't do, so I took a couple steps back with Allie on me so she can fully just be on me.  I kept looking back at Allie, telling her it was okay and to make sure she was okay. She was, no worries! I like that Allie can sit on me without a saddle or a bridle and I won't do anything crazy. We will get Allie through her nerves, one step at a time! 


  1. Oh Shyloh, when will those silly humans learn?

  2. Hi Shy,
    You are being an extra good girl for your Allie, I am very proud of you. I have fears too so I understand what a big deal this is for you to come so far and to be ready for Allie to ride you. Always keep your Allie safe. It is our job as horses to do that.
    Good Luck
    Trax the Pain Horse

  3. Wait a go Shy, you'll get Allie on board in no time, big adventures await you guys in 2014 :-)

  4. Least if she falls it's not a long drop right ;)

  5. Good for you, Shyloh! Your mum should clearly be getting the idea, I think. Maybe she will take you for a ride soon! ~Paddington

  6. Just be patient Shyloh! Sometimes us humans get hung up on being afraid and it just takes us a while to get over it. I love that you are giving all these wonderful hints, though! Keep it up!

  7. Ditto to Carmyn. Good for you Shy to be so patient.


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