Friday, February 14, 2014

farrier visit

Shyloh had her regularly scheduled trim the other day. She is so good for the farrier, always has been. Shy got a good bill of hoof health and the farrier went on to trim and shod Isaac.
Trim, trim, trim. . .
He brought his daughter along, who is like an Energizer Bunny. She is 7, 9, 11 ?? I have no idea, somewhere in that range (you'd think working with kids all day that I would be better at aging them, but no, I'm not). She loves loves loves horses. And dogs. And horses. And scooping poop. . .so I put her to work. I kept her busy because Isaac was having a bad day.

Since she already went on a 4 wheeler ride to dump poop with Jaime, I asked her dad if I could pony her on Shy to keep her busy. She was beyond ecstatic about this. . .Shy, not so much. 

I clipped reins onto Shy's halter and this girl literally stood on the mounting block and launched herself onto Shy bareback. Ah, the life of no fear. The girl has had riding lessons and her dad is talking about getting her a horse to board at Jaime's place, so she is familiar with horses and riding. 
Shaggy pony
I walked her around the property and this girl was a constant chatterbox and mover. Shy was looking at me like, what did you do to me? But she was a total gem the whole time. I decided to walk them around the pastures, totally forgetting that the snow was waist deep until we were in it. Trying to keep up with a speedy pony and walk through that snow was a challenge! I was out of breath by the time we got around the pastures.

Then we walked out back. The girl was trying to one rein Shy and was telling me she can train her over the summer since Shy wasn't listening to her. She also wants to help bathe horses for shows and clean stalls. Oh the energy! I had to explain to the girl that Shy doesn't know how to ride one handed and also, she is only in a halter so she isn't listening to her that well. I am really happy that I decided to go with the halter over a bridle and bit. The girl's hands where everywhere! But she is young.
It was a great experience for Shy to have such a loud, wiggly girl on her. There were no scoots, just a couple evil glances my way. Hee hee.

Also, Happy Valentine's Day! This is Jaime giving Shy a Valentine's Day treat.


  1. That pic is ADORABLE! It's funny how they can put up with little ones sometimes when you KNOW they'd never put up with that from someone else. Or how they're careful with the gentle, quiet kids, but give the loud, mean ones a hard time. They know... oh how they know!

    1. They do know! Shy is so careful with the little ones. She is going to be a lead line pony for shows again this year :)

  2. Nothing like the exuberance of a horse crazy girl. I wish I still had a little of that energy!

  3. Soooo cute! It's funny how they tolerate kids. It's like they know they are baby humans not just small ones. Bre is a different horse w a kid on her back. She puts her head down low and looks like and ancient very tired horse. Put an expirienced rider on her and two seconds later she's dancing to go.

  4. Good girl Shy! Handling wiggly, loud and energetic kids is no small feat!

  5. Aww how much fun! Oh to be that age with no fear again!

  6. Love the picture! Red is the same way with kids, I love the babysitters. :)

  7. That was nice of her to offer to train your horse for you. ;)
    Kids are so funny.

  8. I'm with the Dancing Donkey on this. I wish I had that energy again!

  9. Ah how I would love to hop on bare back :) would be great to be so gutsy again! Shy looks absolutely bemused haha


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