Monday, February 3, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #119

Figures that when the weather starts to warm, it rains! I was a soaking wet pony! But I did get to spend a little time with Isaac at the round bale. But when Allie wanted to bring me in, Isaac started chasing us and he is not supposed to run because he somehow is hurt a little. Probably from all the running on ice that he does, silly boy, he always wants to play!
Yeah, I'm pretty cute in flowers.
Since I was soaked to the bone, Allie wanted to help me get dry. Good thing she had my cooler to help me dry out. I was even good and left it on all night. 
You looking at me?
But I also had a brand new Likit to keep me busy. . .so I spent most of the night concentrating on that instead of how to get out of my cooler or halter. 
So delicious!! 
Now it is getting cold again and all the places that the snow melted has turned into ice patches. Yuck. That is no fun for anyone. I watched Allie almost wipe out I don't know how many times!

I got to spend more time inside helping Allie clean stalls. I even got my mane braided, which I love. I will stand still for Allie braid it, but when she takes it out, I run away!
Not silly looking at all, right?
Then she decided to be super brave. . .but I will let her tell you about that!


And Allie says, don't forget to enter to giveaway! Free stuff is always awesome!


  1. Be careful, Shy, or your tongue might stick to the Lickit! Also, your flowered cooler looks positively smashing on you. :)

    1. It's a little bit of flowers cause I'm a girl, yet my favorite blue color!

  2. Wow Shy you were sopping wet, it must be raining horses and donkeys at your place! Stay dry.

  3. It got super icy here too, Shy. Be careful that stuff is treacherous!

  4. I love the cooler... it is so 'you'! Well, the flowers may be a bit over the top, but...
    Man, you were soaking wet!

    1. Jaime says I need to have more girl stuff. . .I now have a teal/purple/pink lead rope. What is next??

  5. You look super pretty in that rug Shy, it accents your bestest feature ;-)

  6. I love your flowered cooler, Shy! You are looking very stylish with the matching blue halter as well :)


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