Wednesday, February 12, 2014

hump day haflinger series #6

Our next Haflinger duo comes from across the big,blue pond. Victoria Watson and her Haflinger partake in hunts during the winter months. They belong to an Irish Hunt Club called Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds. When they hunt, they follow a man made trail that goes over man made and natural obstacles. 

Hunting tests the stamina, level headedness, and bravery of the horse. There are usually lots of ditches and hills to jump along with long flat areas to gallop. Hunting and hunters is totally foreign to me, mostly because nothing is being hunted, so the name is misleading! I am pretty sure at some point in history, actual hunting was done, but not anymore?
There are at many people involved in a hunt, both on horseback and on foot. The "huntsmen" keep control of the hounds and the "whippers in" assist them. The "master" controls the riders. The "cross country runners" arrange the route that is taken over the natural and man made obstacles, which are mostly fences, fallen logs, ditches, and the like. The hounds track the scent that is left by the cross country runners. There are various stops along the way for refreshments and fun. In a hunt there are no winners and it can last up to about four hours. The hunt club that Victoria is a part of does not chase or kill animals, they just follow the scent of the cross country runners. Her hunt club is also the first Bloodhound pack in Ireland.

Haflinger: Aube De La Commene or Blonde, registered with the Belgium Haflinger Stud Book
Sire and Dam: Liz Augartner and Alissa De Grass
Age: 7 year old mare
Height: 15hh
Discipline: Hunting
  • Second in Family Horse/Cob
  • Third in Show Hunter Horse
  • First In-Hand Foreign Breed
  • First Ridden Foreign Breed
  • Second in Tack and Turnout
  • Champion in Family Horse/Cob
When Victoria first rode Blonde on lease, she knew nothing of Halfingers. Eventually, she was able to buy Blonde and not only fox hunt, but also compete in Show Jumping, Cross Country, Working Hunter, and Derbies. Victoria hopes for another great year with Blonde and to eventually breed her.

Blonde seems like a really cool horse who loves to leap! Keep up the great work Victoria and Blonde!


  1. Wow, another one at 15 hands. How fun! Thanks!

  2. Biggun! I really want one now. I blame you 100% for this.

  3. Paddington says that if she ever travels over the pond, she should come to Texas and go foxhunting with him. She's so cute!

  4. Thanx everyone she really is one in a million

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous horse. I've really been enjoying your Hump Day Haflinger posts :)

  6. You have been giving us all such a lovely treat with these informative blog spot education on Haflingers :)

  7. An Irish Haffie!!! --waves--


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