Monday, February 24, 2014

monday musings by shyloh #122

Guess what we did??
Guess. . .

Guess. . .

Okay, I'll tell you. We did riding!
Allie is really liking this new saddle, she says it is like sitting on heaven. And though it may be a tad longer than it should be, I don't mind cause it fits me real good everywhere else. Plus, we aren't doing anything crazy.

We walked in the back of the barn, round and round we went. I had to give Allie a hard time, of course. I had my spot, where I swear the ground was sticky. It was my get stuck spot. I made Allie work real hard to get me moving from that spot. 
Stuck here
After going round and round, I got bored. So Jaime got out some wood things so we could go figure eights and such. 

But the best thing about our ride, I had a grand total of zero scoots! Nothing bothered me, not the wind whipping at the barn, not Kyle making noises in the front of the barn, not Allie leaning forward and sometimes being tense, nothing. I was really having fun. It was fun to have little fights with Allie to see if she could make me do stuff. . .and she did. It was fun to be ridden again. And it was fun to make Allie proud. Plus I got treats!

Smiles for good jobs!


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