Wednesday, August 6, 2014

the return home

For fair, the big horses had to stay at the fairgrounds from Wednesday night through Saturday night. I think it was so the stalls had horses in them and the fair goers could look and see them. I spent all the days except Saturday at the fair. It was fun to meet people and answer their questions about the horses. Most of them where what kind and how big. But some people actually knew what they were talking about. 
Since the horses were stalled for those days and kept stalled except for when they were showing, we made sure to get them out a bit since they are used to being in a pasture all the time. When Terry and Kyle took Reba and Clutch for a walk, they got swarmed by people. Everyone wanted to touch the horses, take their photo, or ask questions. One guy came up with his baby, so young she still didn't have teeth. We let her pet Clutch's nose and she just squealed with glee. It was very cute. The big horses were very well behaved. 
On Thursday, the minis were trailered in for entertainment between the hitch classes. This left poor Shyloh back home all by herself. Luckily, Shy could care less if she is with twenty horses or no horses. I like to think she actually enjoyed some alone time away from the minions. 
When the day was over, I went back to the barn with Kyle, the minis, and the carts. She saw the trailer pull up and ran to the gate and whinnied. I think she was hoping it was her big drafts. When we unloaded the minis, she gave a small nicker, then when right to Dexter and gave him a half nelson. 
Then she bit him on the neck and walked away. Of course, Dexter followed her, but Shy ignored him. Next, she walked up to Meatball and gave him a big sniff. I guess to make sure it was really him? After, Meatball rolled for a good five minutes. . .he can't stay clean for too long!
I wasn't there when the drafts got home, but I heard they were very happy to be home. There was a lot of tearing around the pasture and Shy gave her very deep nickers. She was happy to have them home. I am sure everyone was happy to be home. Fair is no joke!


  1. I know Lincoln loved seeing all the horses at fair. While very interested in all the animals. He only talked to the horses.


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