Sunday, September 7, 2014

why weather?

What a weekend. It started out with a tornado and massive loss of power. Luckily, my house has no damage and there is no damage to the barn or any horses. My power is not scheduled for service to be restored until Wednesday at 11:30 pm. PM!! I have been charging my phone in the car and walking around the house at night with a candle. Currently, I am borrowing power from a friend's business to internet. Terry had a tree fall on the back of her house during the winds and storms. . In all this mess, I did manage to make it out to the barn for some chill time and just to double check on the  horses. 
Oh hi there. We are all fine! I got this!
Shyloh is doing fabulous back in her giant pasture. She has managed to find all the burrs, once again. I was told by another boarder that Shy doesn't take the path back to the large opening, she prefers to go through the brush and woods. Of course. . .
Big burrs in the tail. . .
Tiny burrs in the forelock. . .and on the feather, and the belly, and the legs, and the chin. . .
Reba continues to follow Shy and gets upset when I take her away. Poor Reba is getting into scuffles with the other horses and is all beat up. The other ones have marks, too, so Reba is retaliating. Shy. . .well, Shy is mark free. 
Eating together
I've been taking Shy for little walks around the property again. This week, I've been by myself when I've been there, so I won't get on her. And when I kidnapped Terry to bring her away from her fallen tree mess, we just loved on the horses. 
Walking and grazing. And practicing a little bit of sidepassing and backing up while we are out and about.
Mustache tail says hi
Me and Shy did take Terry and Reba through the woods and Reba was not a fan. She kept trying to pull Terry back. And Shy was not understanding, there is food in the woods! Endless food! Shy even grabbed a branch of leaves and took it with her for the walk. 
Woodland pony
When we got back, I just hopped on Shy and laid on her with my eyes closed while she napped. We totally interrupted her nap time and she was not afraid to let me know that.
While I didn't have quite the weekend I was planning on, I still got to get my pony time in. I think Shy is happy with our new arrangement. And from just one week, her hooves look even better than before. I think it is from the varied footing in the pasture plus more movement and grazing opportunity. 
More grazing
Hopefully the power gets restored soon for us!


  1. Hang in there ~ glad there was no damage for you other than the electric.
    Sounds like Shy likes the path less traveled :)

  2. Oh no, glad there was no damage. Shy is adorable as always!

  3. Oh Allison I hope you get your power back and soon!! I'm glad Shy is doing well :)

  4. Eesh, weather. Hope all is on the up and up!


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