Monday, September 22, 2014

on their own

Tommy and Lily and Alison came out this weekend to ride the ponies. It was such a nice day out at the barn. 

First I wanted to show the kids how to line drive. Let's just say, I am not cut out for instruction. And Shyloh was not being overly cooperative for the kids. Not bad, the kids did have a bit of trouble figuring out how to walk and control Shy and Shy took advantage of it. I set up cones for them to weave through and Shy was like, straight line? Ok! 
Looking not too bad here. . .
Maybe they are still a bit too young and maybe I don't have the patience, but we didn't stick with that long. 

On to riding! The kids took turns riding Shy. First Tommy, then Lily, then Tommy again, then Lily again. They rode for a few hours and Shy toted them around like a champ. 

They can both ride off the lead line now and steer and stop Shy pretty easily. Tommy still needs to stay on the lead in a larger area, but he sure doesn't want to be on it. He even trotted and almost fell off the other side, I had to grab his leg to hold him in the saddle, but he didn't care. He just wants to do whatever Lily does.
Lil' Cowboy!
On their own!
Not sure why this is the lowest the stirrups go on the youth saddle
Lily is doing incredibly well. She is able to steer Shy with ease through cones, around cones, in small circles off the lead line. She did get upset at one point when Shy wasn't doing what she wanted, but she wasn't asking correctly. But Lily overcame that. 
Working that cone!
So far away! 
On their own
I just love seeing how calm Shy is with the kids. She focuses on them and what they are asking (and a little bit with what she wants to do), but doesn't let anything scare her. Lily's head was brushing on some low hanging branches and Shy did not react at all. That is usually cause for a quick scoot forward. It is so great to watch them together and they are doing it on their own. 


  1. You are just wonderful Shy :-) Looks like fun is being had by all!

  2. It's amazing how good she is with the kids when they ride her. I guess she thinks when they're on the ground trying to drive her she can take advantage of them without hurting them!


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