Sunday, September 14, 2014

baby fever

Shyloh has it. Bad.
Instant obsession
Two of the Gypsy babies and one yearling came to the show yesterday. Shy was enthralled! We were in Halter class and the mom was also in the class. The colt, Moon, came in the class to stay by mom. Shy saw him and stepped out of the line up to inspect him. I pulled her back, but she wanted to go to them. When they went around the line up to get back in line, Shy became very concerned that she could not see the colt. When she got her eyes back on him, she just stared. 
She says, he is mine and I shall call him baby. He must have liked her, too, because he kicked out at the other horses and not at her. 
And so began the giant distraction of the last show. Shy was very preoccupied with the babies. How could anyone not be? They are so so cute! And so well behaved. They took everything in stride. Even napped. 
Babies and Mommas
Most definitely not the reaction I thought Shy would have given with babies. Since she is so independent, I always figured she would be a terrible pony mom. Not that I would breed her. Although, I kinda want to now, but that is just seeing cute babies talking. Logically, not a good idea. 

Even though Shy, in her mind adopted Moon, she still had a great show. All of our trail in hand work had paid off, we placed first in the class! It was a well deserved placing, too. Shy really rocked that course and even performed a perfect off side side pass and backing in an L shape. She also placed third in Halter (with Reba getting Grand Champion) and fourth in Showmanship. 
Show pony!
Shy also performed as a lead line pony for Lily and Noah, since his pony did not come to the show. The kids had a little trouble keeping her attention (remember, she was trying to keep tabs on her baby), but they worked through it. Lily got a second place in their Showmanship class and a couple fifths. Noah got a fourth and a couple fifths. Not bad, considering Noah has had no practice with Shy and Lily's practice has been limited. 
Happy Lily. . .and Shy staring off looking for her baby. 
Noah and his ribbons. . .and Sh, again, staring at her baby. 
It was a fun and relaxing show. Everyone had a great time. Ponies were all good. Couldn't ask for anything more! More photos here.
Shy and Baby Cuillien. She squealed at her and she jumped up and ran to her mom. 
Shy and the yearling Ferdy. 
A match made in heaven. . .Shy napping during the line up and Lily doing Yoga?
Lily and Tommy
Reba taking Lily and Tommy for a ride between classes
Becky and Freckles
Regina and Beth with Art
10 classes makes for a tired, droopy lipped pony at the end of the day.


  1. Sounds like a great show for everybody! Well done you & Shy & Lily & Noah!

  2. OMG we have the SAME freaking horse. Q got baby fever like that with the gypsy X at our barn last year. Like BAD baby fever. Lucky for her, I plan to breed her in 2 or 3 years. =)

    I adore the photos of kids and Shy. And big congrats to her (and you!) and the winnings!


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