Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a day off?

I had taken the day off of working my day job. . .only to spend the day mucking stalls! And it took longer to feed and clean than it does to work my day job. But I didn't mind, I got to spend all day with the horses. I was being pokey with cleaning and I kept going over to Shyloh's stall to love on her and her new cuddly self. 

It is unseasonably warm this year. It almost makes me afraid that winter will last long into April or May. I hope not! Since it down poured today (once again) the horses still cannot go outside. I do have to say that they are doing incredibly well for being stuck inside for so long. I know when the stalls are cleaned, they all get a turn to run around in the arena, either by themselves or in pairs. And Robin, Kathy, and I take turns when we are at the barn to make sure our horses get some time in the arena. 

Because it was so nice and I was really hot from working, I opened Resy's half door for him to get some fresh air. He was so happy! 

So then Remi decided he wanted his open, and somehow opened it himself! Smart boy!
I opened Shyloh's window and she just stood in front of it, forelock blowing in the wind. I can't wait for this land to dry up so they can all go back outside again! I also opened Casi's for him and he seemed to really enjoy it, as well.
Whoosh. . .loving the fresh air!
After mucking, Kathy and I went on a short bareback ride on Shyloh and Casi! This is the first time I have ridden Shy with another horse in the arena. And once again, she was amazing! I am in awe with how great Shy is when I am on her back. The wind was blowing pretty strong, and when it blows again aluminum (or whatever the barn is made of) it makes a terrible noise. Some horses spook at this noise. I made sure to keep myself relaxed and Shy did not have a problem. Jaime was also right outside the arena clipping off poor Clutch's feathers. He has an infection from the mud and wetness and his Clydesdale hair. He was outside because he is pasture boarded, but he will be staying inside, at least until he heals. Anyway, Shy was fine with all this stuff going on.

When Kathy and I were riding and Shy was following Casi, she kept a nice pace. Shy even led for a little bit. And every time I lost balance, even a little, she stopped. But, my balance improves every time I ride and I am able to keep a rhythm with her gait. 

To top the night off, Shy let Kathy ride on her bareback! Kathy said she was very comfy. I am so glad that Shy had a good experience with someone else on her back. Now, I am itching to ride again. . .I can't wait a whole week before my next ride!
Such a good girl!


  1. Yea for a fun bareback hack :) Good girl Shy for being a steady girl. I know what u mean about winter..I keep thinking about the fuzzy brown caterpillar (I've seen two now) that predicts a mild winter. I think we may have a fun, fluffy filled snow winter but hopefully not crazy cold w/ ice. fingers crossed!!!!!

  2. So, you take a day OFF, only to work harder! Yeah... I can understand that!
    Your ride sounds like fun.

  3. Allie, you just described A Perfect Day. Life is good, eh? Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Id like to thank you so much for being a follower to my blog Amish Stories, and to wish you and your family a merry Christmas. Richard

  5. It is wonderful that you have time to enjoy your horse.

  6. Kristin, our whole barn was filled with those caterpillars!
    Dreaming, right! But it was good exercise and pony time, so I can't complain!
    Jooles, I will let Resy's mama know :)
    Bob, Life is good when there is a pony in it!
    Richard, Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for sharing your stories.
    Gail, It is my most favorite thing to do!

  7. Ugh. The weather over here is terrible! It was so hot yesterday that I was actually worried about working Sugar at all, so I rode her for all of 5 minutes lol. Today it's cloudy and windy and raining on and off!

    Glad Shy was a good girl for you =)


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