Monday, February 6, 2012

monday musings by Shyloh #23

Not everything I am unfamiliar with is a mountain lion in disguise.  Not everything I am unfamiliar with is a mountain lion in disguise.  Not everything I am unfamiliar with is a mountain lion in disguise.  And repeat. . . I have to say this to myself every time Allie brings me something new to do.
In my harness get-up!
For those of you not in the know, mountain lions, aka pumas or cougars, reside primarily in the west (sorry Pippin and Doc). So, I guess me and Camryn (still on the lookout for saber tooths, though) do not have to really worry about them here in Michigan. Although aside from humans, mountain lions have the largest range of any other animal in the whole western hemisphere! So, in theory they could make their way into my little corner in Michigan. Wolves are more of a probable enemy that I should be worrying about. They live in Michigan, but not really in my area.  But they could make their way down here! They were just taken off the endangered species list! Now coyotes ARE something to be concerned about. They DO live in my area, Allie has seen some! Okay, one. . .but not by where I live, closer to where she lives. 

But back to the reason I am talking about mountain lions/wolves/coyotes. Allie brought this thing out again. . .
dum dum duh dum. . .
It was super scary at first. Everything is a little scarier when I have my blinders on because I can't see as much. A coyote could come attacking me from the side and I would not even know it until it jumped on my back!  We played touch with the thing and it was not so scary. Just a little bit. I walked over it and touched it some more. It got a little less scary.

Then we did some line driving in the arena. It is still really muddy outside, which is why we didn't go out there. I know this because I have been going out and I have to walk through a lake to get to the grass. Allie almost fell over into the mud when she came outside to get me. I wonder if she fell if I would have had to do work. . .Look at my beautiful tail! A mud mess, my legs, too! Yuck!
Allie attached the contraption to my harness and hooked it in somehow so it would stay. I was scared again because it was making some strange creaking noise. But Allie kept walking right in front of me where I could see her and telling me it would be okay. I decided to give her a chance to see of she was right, so I stood still. Okay. . .almost still, I just jump a few times, but I did not run off and away from the thing like I wanted to do.
Look at me! I am so brave!
Allie got behind me and told me to walk on. I did, but the thing was dragging behind me and making more noise! And since I couldn't see, I thought maybe it was a mountain lion or wolf or coyote! How was I supposed to know? So I scooted real quick, but Allie remained calm  and told me easy, and so I calmed down. Before I knew it, I was going along, dragging the thing, and it was just fine. No attacks. Yay me! Which is why I have to say to myself, not everything I am unfamiliar with is a mountain lion in disguise. Some things are not so bad. . .
We are on the move!


  1. OK... we have increased our 'home land' security level to an orange alert now that Shy has told the boys that those things really do exist out here! I am sure they will be very cautious. Hmmm... maybe that's why Pippin was so careful to check out the 4 wheeler in the arena. It wasn't moving... but ya know, it can move!!

    Does Shy really object to the blinders? If so, can you pull them out a bit so she has a wider range of vision?

    1. By object, do you mean toss her head or freak out when I put them on? She seems fine with them and does not give me problems. The only issues I have had so far is when we have tacked up and we have to walk out of her stall or the grooming stall. I think she knows that there are corners and tight spaces and since she does not trust me completely, she is hesitant. So I try to reassure her that it will be okay by letting her see me. Once we are outside or in the arena, she is fine.

    2. I guess it was the comment that 'things are a little scarier with my blinders on' that made me ask that. What you describe here makes perfect sense.

  2. You're lucky you only have wolves and coyotes! We have horse eating monsters that like to hide behind bushes and lumps of dirt here lol.

    You don't have to worry though Shy, they don't live where you are . .

    1. In my research, it said that horses have very few natural enemies. I know the research lied! Enemies are everywhere!

  3. Camryn here:
    Wow, you got to pull candycanes??? Bet you weren't scared at all and just wanted to turn around and eat em!!!

  4. Nice job!! She's certainly taking to driving well!! : )

  5. You are doing great! I love how you say "everything is not a mountain lion." Truly gives the perspective from Shyloh. Blinders can be hard for horses to get used to. They go their whole life being able to see 150-160 degrees to practically nothing, with something (a cart) "chasing" them from behind. I would imagine that is a tough transition!

  6. You are so cute Shyloh! Chrome is the exact opposite. His first thought is "Can I eat it??" His second thought is "Can I earn a treat by doing something with it?" His next thought is "Is it a toy?" Then when he's done playing with it he loses interest lol. Typical boy is ruled by his tummy. :)


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