Thursday, May 3, 2012

hobby horse blog hop #11

Here are the rules:
Answer one or all of the prompts. Link back to Living a Dream's post. Visit other blogs. And don't forget to ask a question of everyone else!

1. Imagine that you are in an arena (or some other training situation) and an instructor is talking to you. What is it that he/she reminds you to do?
Sit up! I have terrible posture and I tend to hunch. And relax. . .even though I have not ridden Shy in a couple weeks, Beth always reminds me to relax when I get on. Sometimes I just have to sit there and slow my heart before we get moving. But more rides will fix that, Shy needs to learn to trust me and I need to learn to trust her. Work in progress. . .

2. Tell about an "aha" moment when it all came together and you felt absolutely, positively, button-bursting happy and proud. 
I am not sure I have had a real "aha" moment with Shyloh yet. So it was probably when I was riding Mia and I finally got that lazy Haffie to trot. Boy did she put up a fight about trotting. She refused to trot unless I had a crop. I didn't have to use it, I just had to hold have it. Funny. . .with Shy's last lesson she seems to be very similar with the use of an extra aide. . .

3. What event or activity are you looking forward to?
The possibility of taking Shy to our first show on May 13! I still need to get a show stick and a white show halter (expensive!).  Also, I have no idea what we are doing and I do not really get the concept of the halter class or showmanship class. Just walk/trot/turn? What are the judges looking for exactly? But it will be fun!

My question: If you ever showed competed in any horse sport, what was your first experience like?


  1. I have to work on that 'relax' aspect of riding... that and 'breathe'!! Singing helps me.

    I am not totally positive, but I think my first 'show' was a Pony Club event. We did dressage, cross country and stadium jumping in one day. We were judged not only on our riding, but on the turn-out of our horses and tack and on our stable management and horse handling. I remember working for hours the night before, with my best friend, cleaning tack. When I went for inspection before entering the dressage ring, my jacket still had the manufacturer's tag sewn on the sleeve!
    I don't remember much about that day, but I came in third... and still have the ribbon!!

  2. At my first show Roxy wanted to kick everyone. I was getting compliments on my obese 5 year old when she turned to kick another horse in the face. She also bucked in my first western equitation class. I yanked on her reins and told her "NO!" we got a 6th too! There were over 10 people in that class, so it was really cool!

    Hopefully shy won't be so ill mannered at her first show!

  3. Hehe I have horrible posture too. I'm working on it, but still have to be reminded. :)

    Exciting about the show!!!!! I have to come read your blog and get caught up. I am so far behind. I will though. I promise.

    I haven't ever competed so I can't answer the question or help you with the showmanship thing. I've only ever seen one. I think they went in a triangle pattern so the judge could see the horse trotting away, from the side and toward. You should look it up on YouTube lol!


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