Tuesday, May 29, 2012


While I was off with family celebrating the Memorial Holiday doing this. . .
Ahh. . .kayaking. So peaceful!
and this. . .
Bonfires on the beach, with S'mores!
Shyloh was having herself a good old time doing this. . .
Goofy looking forelock, from the humidity maybe? Shy likes hose water!
 and this. . .

Rollin', rollin', rollin' in the di-irt
Anyway, on my drive to the barn from work, I was contemplating the show and in particular the trail class. Bear with me, my thoughts are sporadic! 

Why would Shy not back up through the obstacle? Was it a trust issue? I have worked so hard to gain trust with her, what else can I do? Is it because I don't trust her, but only when riding (a whole other issue in itself)? Anyway, I went on and on about trust or the lack thereof. . .hey, I hit construction on the way to the barn, I had a lot of time! I was really bumming myself out with all my doubts. Then I was getting mad. Mad at me for not being able to provide Shy with what she needs and mad at her for what I have to offer not being enough. Ha. . . yes, I am a little bit crazy and quite possibly over analyze everything.

I walked into the barn irritated at both of us. But as soon as I saw Shy's silly face, it all went away. My perfect little Haflinger was just waiting for me. I groomed her, set up a trail obstacle, grabbed my clicker training stuff, and began to tackle the trust.

Turns out, I give Shy much more credit than she deserves. . .Yes, she is smart, perhaps smarter than me, but she is simple. As in, she simply did not want to back up. Going forward was easier. Shy was not understanding why she had to back through it when she could walk forward through it.

After a few frustrating attempts, mostly of her backing the first leg of the obstacle, then powering forward to avoid the turn, success! This mare has amazing lateral movements when she is trying to get out of going backwards. It really is amazing. . .if I wanted her to go sideways. 

So, for the trail judge on Sunday and anyone that does not believe me, here is the proof that Shy will back through an obstacle!
And here is the sidepass that we worked on, too. Pretty good! She can do it without me touching her now. But, is it me, or is Shy actually hitting me on purpose when she swishes her tail?


  1. Oh great, now Mom's gonna have me do that! Geez Shy a video, did ya have to?
    Though I must say I'm truly impressed big time. Mom has big trouble with asking me to sidepass.

  2. Backing is hard! It requires that they tuck their haunches and use their abs. Do you blame her for not wanting to do it? LOL!


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