Monday, May 21, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #38

Allie said something about Minnesota and Mall of America yesterday. I am taking that to mean she is off traveling and I get to be a wild pony again!  

Which is kinda good news for Allie. See, the cows came back next door and the bull does not like her at all! He has a ring in his nose and a chain hanging from that ring. It also looks like he had udders underneath, but it is not udders. . . Anyway, he grumbly moos every time she comes around! And he makes all the other cows move away. When she leaves, he stops. It's kinda funny! I think he wants to charge her! She better be careful. . .
But back to me and my free week! I love being a wild pony! Oh the things I will do. . .
I made my own version of fly spray! Allie thought she would be "nice" and hose me off to cool me down. It was really hot out. . .but after I got hosed, I promptly rolled. No flies will penetrate the sand barrier that I have created!
What else will I do when Allie is gone? What won't I do is more like it!
Wear my fly mask? Not if I can help it!!
Run barrels? In your dreams!
Eat grass? Now you are speaking my language!
That is more like it!  Too bad I only got a few bites of this deliciousness!  I plan on enjoying my week of wild pony-dom. No baths, no braiding, no working, just fun! 

P.S. Any body who comes to my barn. . .Allie left my special treats right on my door. Feel free to feed me!!

What would you other horses do if you didn't have a two-legger stopping you?


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  1. Doc & Pippin here.... we're kinda with you. If our Mrs. Owner wasn't around, we'd push that fence down and have access to fresh grass, 24/7!

  2. Way to go. I'd join you but, SIGH my Mom is home so I can't. Your grass looks soooo good.

    1. It is! But I don't get that good stuff. We were just walking around the pond to look at frogs. I wish I got that stuff all day!

  3. I can't believe people still bull rings and chains in the nose of a bull, what a riot! And the sand fly repellent is awfully clever- what a fun little spring break! :)


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