Monday, May 28, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #39

Well, since Allie seems to have taken a long absence (without my permission), I guess I have to prepare for this weekends show all by myself.

What are your show tips so I can win?
I'll just be munching wheelbarrow hay while I await your tips.


  1. : ) Breathe! Have fun! Relax! Smile! Laugh at everything! I actually found that forcing myself to smile whenever I felt nervous helped me big time! Or at least, everyone couldn't stop commenting on how happy I was!! : ) We're cheering for you Shy and Allison!!!

  2. Ditto about smiling and breathing! I think going into shows with the attitude that they are opportunities for experience helps. Have fun!

  3. The good thing is that these shows are not the end all be all. They are an experience and they are fun! Although it would be nice to take home a ribbon. . .or two :)

  4. Oh and I forgot to mention that I am totally peeved that Allie dares to complain about your mane!!! I would love for Chrome to have your mane. His is so thin and shrimpy and ugly, so I finally pulled it and even that looks crappy LOL!


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