Friday, May 25, 2012

hobby horse blog hop #14

Here are the rules:
Answer one or all of the prompts. Link back to Living a Dream's post. Visit other blogs. And don't forget to ask a question of everyone else!

1. Imagine that you are once again 8 years old. You have just received the best present, ever. (Ponies and pets are not included on the gift list!) What is it?
At 8, it was probably these: 

Boots and blades. I was a competitive figure skater for many years and I remember these being the best of that time. Eventually, I got a pair, but not until a few y ears later.

2. What kinds of toys do your animals enjoy playing with?
Shy has a jolly ball, but I have never seen her actually play with it. Only when I give it to her. . .I have seen her pick up cones and whips and push a big blue ball. 

3. I know you have seen some sort of recreational activity on TV, or in real life, that you would just love to try. What is it?
Scuba diving!

My question: If you could imagine your horse doing one human sport, what would it be?


  1. Super impressed by the figure skating!

    Estes' human sport? Hmmm...I have no idea. She's a lot like me, temperment-wise, so I'd have to say reading and sleeping. You know, if that was a sport :) Maybe soccer - something to keep her moving and keep her mind off the fact that she's running; could be similar to cutting cows which is what she did in her past life.

  2. I am also impressed with the figure skating. My BFF's daughter did that and it took a lot of practice and dedication.

    OK.... human sports for my horses.... I think Doc might play a defensive position in football. He's strong and could push people down. That, or Sumo wrestling... or belly bucking! Pippin would do something that is high energy and fast. Since he is also strong and would like to push people around, too, I'm thinking that rugby might just be his game! Fun question!

  3. Maybe I'll have to dig up a photo of my figure skating days. . .maybe. . .
    I think it would be fun to see shy rollerblade, haha! But I think she would be be good at hockey. She is quick and strong. She could learn to hold the stick in her mouth, right?

  4. My best gift ever at eight (besides animals) was a camera!! I've been taking pictures ever since lol.

    Hmm... Chrome's human sport? Something involving chasing? Like football I guess since he likes to chase and body slam the donkey LOL!


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