Saturday, July 14, 2012

a dressage show?

Shyloh is making so much progress with her dressage work that Beth suggested taking her to a dressage show! What??!! Of course I said sure, as long as I am not the one riding her. I love for Shy to have all kinds of different experiences. Beth said she would ride her, but we have to look for a show that has a green horse class or intro to dressage. Basically, nothing with a canter because Shy still needs to work on that. So if anyone knows of any dressage shows in southeast Michigan, let me know!

Here is some video from the last two lessons Shy had. I just cannot believe that this is the same horse! At times, Shy can be hard on the left rein, but Beth seems to think it happens when her muscles get tired. We are working on building her muscles up. Right now, she starts off pretty good, but you can really tell when she gets tired. 

Beth asked for more video so she could see herself and Shy. Also, with Shy's crazy mane, she has a hard time seeing the bend on the right side. So these videos are longer than I normally edit them (I personally do not like to watch super long videos).

So, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I am going to have to learn dressage. I never pictured myself doing that. The main goal is trail riding, but if it makes Shy happy to do dressage work as practice, I am all for it. But I am saying this. . . no white breeches, blue jackets, tall boots, or top hats for me! 

I have heard that it is supposed to get in the 90 degree range this next week again. That is not helping the consistent riding/muscle building up plan. Next lesson, I am riding Shy finally. I refused to ride today, since it is Friday the 13th and I fell of off Shy the last Friday the 13th! Superstitious. . .


  1. Thank You, Allison for the longer videos :) Great way to see her progress and faluts ;) I see she is doing well at the walk with bending and flexing. She is stepping under herself with her rear legs and moving her shoulder out. However... I'm going to pick myself and her apart. When I execute a half halt to get her to think about how and where she is placing her feet, she backs off her forward movement drastically. This means her forward is not truely connected into the bridle. At the trot, wow, she is short behind. She feels great and smooth to ride, but she is not coming through properly. I've had to keep her trot slower to get her to understand she can't run through the bridle and get nervous. I think it's now the time to push her a little more. Her transitions take too long and she is lazily moving from walk to trot and back again. As for me... OMG, puppy paws! (reins too long and my wrists bending down). We know Shy gets nervous when too much pressure is placed on her and she doesn't undrerstand, or doens't want to do it (because it's more work) but I think we have hit the mark where she needs to be pushed a little more. Also, on the second video, I seem to notice her a little off behind. on the right rear, I think. May be a reason she is tough on the left rein, to avoid connecting that leg. As to whether something is really wrong, or if she is simply being lazy on that leg... Might be a reason she is so much better with time off than being ridden consistantly. Maybe Chiropractor might help??? BUT, first let me look her over really good and look for any sore areas of her back. We know one shoulder is hollow, so she might be compensting for something. Oops, guess I have to publish Anonymous because I haven't subscribed?! -Beth-

    1. Good to know! Please feel free to push her, she needs it! I am glad that you can see those things!

  2. Awe. She is so cute. Hope you guys find a good show to go to soon(:

  3. Yay for dressage! That's really exciting! I'm sure you both will have fun learning - and the outfit really isn't THAT bad ;) (But I'm kinda biased...)

    Regardless, isn't it great to have a horse that can do so many things? Haflingers all the way!

  4. Allison, I love Beth's comment! There's not many people will tear themselves apart in public! I'm not a super rider, but I watched my daughter train and compete at dressage for years, so I've got a pretty good eye - I can't do it but I can see it is the best way of putting it! I totally agree with what Beth says, and I'm sure she's going to do a great job of asking for a bit more from Shy now.
    I remember in one of my first comment s here saying something about one of Shyloh's hind legs stepping short but I don't remember if it was the left or the right. If it's still the same one, it might be time to check it out.
    As for you and dressage... dressage in French means Training and that's all it is. Training your horse to accept the contact, move willingly away from the leg - sideways or forward - and simply pay attention to the rider. All are trail riding Essentials, so look on it as preparing herself and yourself for the Trail.
    Taking her to do a Walk-Trot test at a dressage show is a great idea, too. The more low-key outings she has, the better.
    I love tracking your progress as both you & Shy learn about life!

  5. Aww the outfit isn't so bad. The top hat is only for Grand Prix riders and the jackets are actually black... I've never noticed blue before lol. If you decide to try some schooling shows you can wear whatever you want though. You don't have to wear tall boots and a jacket lol. If you don't want to show you don't have to! Dressage is great for both horses and riders though. It will make your seat secure and make you a lot more confident. I'm a total dressage lover though. :)

    I look forward to reading about the show. :D


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