Monday, July 9, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #45

Why is Allie intent on scaring the living daylights out of me? I had to show her (again) why she should not do that!
Ima scared!
Allie brought out the tire again. Didn't I tell her last time (in a not so subtle way) that I did not like that tire at all? I guess she does not care about my poor Haflinger feelings. I made my thinking noise at the tire to show my disgust with it. It is kinda like a grunting sound. But then I realized that this tire is not going away. Also, it was not moving, so it might be okay. . .I bent down to sniff it, grunting at it the whole time. I had to show it I was boss!
Please don't hurt me tire!
Then. . .Allie moved it! Whoa! Maybe I am NOT the boss! Tire on gravel sounds suspiciously like mountain lions. . .I think. I have never met a mountain lion in real life, I am just hard wired to be afraid of them!  I took off running and found my herd. 
Help!! There is safely in numbers.
They all came up to the gate to protect me. Once I realized I was safe, I did my acrobatic moves to graze, 'cause my overcheck was on.
I'm the most flexible Haflinger there is! 
Allie got me back and took me through the barn, but I was on to her game. So I refused to walk out the barn doors. Ha! That will get her! But then she got my "best friend," aka the whip. After a few taps of that and some tugs, I burst through the door. I guess that was not acceptable and we did it again. And again, I refused to walk through the door. I just knew that tire was out there, getting ready to eat me! Or creep towards me, mountain lion-style.

We did this a few times and I just kept getting more nervous and tense. I was jumpy. I tried to run back into the barn and almost ran Maryann (Dulce's mom) over. Oops, sorry! But I was scared! I have heard that Haflingers are quite meaty and tasty treats to those mountain lions!

Allie then made me walk through the door until I stopped pushing into her (hey, I was trying to save her from the tire! It might like people as much as it likes Haflingers!) and walked nicely. Then I was done. Back to the safety and security of my stall.

Or so I thought. . .A short while later, Allie brought the big guns out. . .Beth! I knew this was serious now. Beth made me keep going out the barn door until I stopped refusing. I realized my stopping was futile and I think Beth is way more stubborn than me, so eventually I stopped stopping. At least I got to stop something, right?
Going out the door
Beth made me go by the tire and around the tire. Each way and lots of times.  I tried to tell her how scary it was and run away from it, but she would not let me. We did this a ton and I realized that maybe the tire is not so scary. I still don't want it chasing me, but right now I am okay with just going around it.
Had to do lots of circles around and around the tire!
Then Beth made me walk in the barn. Yeah! This is what I was all excited about, so I hurried up. Well, this was a mistake and I had to walk right back out again. This time Beth walked too close to the tire, so I tried to push her out of the way. I guess Beth thinks she can take the tire in a fight and made me do it all over again and again until I stopped pushing her. 
Being pushy, but really  I am trying to protect Beth! I promise!
After my turn with Beth, I had to do it all over again with Allie! But I was real good and it did not take long. 
I'm perdy
Whew. What a stressful day! I grunted a whole lot with my disapproval at this exercise. But we all made it through and no one was eaten by the tire, so maybe it is not so bad. . . maybe.

Finally done!


  1. Pippin and Doc totally understand!!!

    This info might not be helpful at this point in time - but I'll share it, just in case. My trainer made it so the tire could easily be left behind if the horse had a problem with it. He tied two long ropes to the tire, then passed the end of each rope through a link on the end of the traces. A 2nd person, also standing behind and slightly to the side of the horse, could hold the ends of the rope. If the horse freaked the person could let go of the ends and they would slide through the links. The tire would stop. The horse would stop freaking. My traces didn't have links, they just had the button hole type of fastening, so the trainer put large caribiner clips into the holes to make links that would allow the rope to slide easily.

  2. Wow, I didn't know tires could eat you. I'll be sure to avoid them from now on. You poor thing! I bet Dreamin's Mom's idea would help. Did you guys quit click training? Maybe if the tire gave you treats???

    1. I tried click training. I even had the treats on the tire. She would go up to it, but when I moved it, everything went out the door!

  3. Oh Shy! You know it would be a lot less effort to just get along with the tire LOL!


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