Saturday, July 21, 2012

the many loves of shyloh

Oh Shyloh. She sure has a way with the geldings. I am not sure if it is her beautiful blonde hair, her shapely butt, or her amazing personality but the boys do love her!

It started out with Baby Bob. . .
Snuggles over the fence
Next in line was Chick. . .
So cute!
Then Forsetti. . .
Just walking along. . .
And Ryleigh. Poor infatuated Ryleigh who still throws a fit if Shy is not in his direct line of view at all times. . .
Let's not forget Casi, her bud. . .
They love to run together!
And finally Shaman. . .
Caught with another!
Oh, then there is Notch, her trailer buddy. . .
Sharing hay on the trailer
And Rambo, her show love. . .
What is cuter than two Haffies in love?
And those are just the geldings that Shy gives the time of day! With all her human fears, I am very grateful that Shy gets along really well with all the horses, mares and geldings alike. She can be in a big herd and she is also just fine by herself. 

So are Haffies generally fast little whoreses? Rumor has it that we might be getting a 13.3 sport pony, gelding of course. . .wonder what that will hold for Shy's love life?


  1. Whorses...ha ha ha!
    It certainly does seem that she "plays the field"!
    My boys would be jealous!

  2. Ha Ha, Whorses that's way to funny. Seriously though girl you are I'm sure the most popular girl at the stable. Kinda like Capatain of the Cheerleader squad!

  3. I love your new word Whorses too! Hilarious!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of her new possible love interest. I hope she can keep her complicated love life together lol!


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