Saturday, September 22, 2012

autumn fun day!

Today is the first day of autumn and Shyloh and I had a fun day! We did do a little bit of work. . .spirals on the lunge line in the arena. It was raining all day! But after that, we had a lot of clicker fun!

And Shy was featured in the Stale Cheerios blog for the Almost Wordless Wednesday this week! It is a blog on clicker training and it has a ton of great resources for anyone who wants to try it. 

For our Autumn fun day, we. . .
  • Did a lot of at liberty clicking, see, no halter, no lead! Shy was amazing. She walked right up to her "new" mat without a problem. The old mat was leaving chunks all over the arena. The new mat is a little too narrow, but that didn't stop Shy!
On the mat!
  • Played with cones. Lots of cones. Shy was all about cones today! I was trying to get her to hold them for longer so we can work on more tricks. 
There is something on my butt. . .
    A cone on the butt. . .a cone in the mouth!
  • Kicked the ball and licked the pole. I was trying to teach Shy to kick forward, but she likes to kick back. Something to keep working on.

Then we got some horsey friends out and played with them. Casi and Robbie wanted to play way more than Shy did!

And. . .I found another toad!
Toad on Shy's butt
Toad on Shy's head
Shy liked the toad so much she tried to eat it. I had to pull it out of her mouth! Poor toad. . .I put it in a safe place, far away from Shy's chompers. 

The first day of fall gave me and Shyloh some good old fashioned fun, even though we were stuck inside because of the rain.


  1. Wow, you're famous!!! And I can say I knew you before you made the big time :). Once your Mom is riding you can balance the cone on your butt! Mom does that to me sometimes. The toad thing UGH, what if it pee'd on you?

    1. Moms do crazy things to us! Good thing the toad didn't pee!!

      Camryn, you can be famous too! Submit your fetch or basketball moves! That will be a hit!

  2. I want some cones to do clicker training with! I'm going to have another go with Trooper on Tuesday and see if he is more in the mood this time!

    1. It's fun! Start with the touch command and move from there :)

  3. What great fun, loved the photos, the videos ... and the cone tricks! Gotta try that. Need to add more tricks to Royal's list.

  4. It sure sounds like a lot of fun, for you and for Shy.
    I could see Pippin trying to eat a toad!

  5. Those videos are priceless. Shy just wants to chil in the arena and the other horses are dying for her to play with them. She seems like such an old soul. I am jealous of her tail by the way. I WANT IT!!!

    1. She is. . .running means work and Shy is not down with work. Funny thing, she is the youngest of those other horses, too, by at least 6 years!


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