Monday, September 10, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #54

I got a few new things I wanted to share. 

The first is a new grooming bag. It is very cute! Allie got it from thirty-one and it has my name on it! Allie wanted to add Haflinger Extraordinaire (of course), but it would not fit. The bag is a nice size to carry all the tools that make me even prettier, with pockets on the outside, too. The inside looks like it will wipe down easily and Allie can probably throw it in the wash to keep it nice and clean.

What do you think?

Allie also ordered a dressage saddle pad from SmartPak. It was on sale and  I need my own. . .I was tired of borrowing one.  Of course it is blue and now we can work in style, since I can't seem to get out of work! 

It would be nice to get my name embroidered on the saddle pad, too. But soon enough it will be decorated in all the tiny chestnut hairs that I  am shedding. My coat is getting ready for winter! I am shedding another Haflinger baby, only this one is made of much shorter hairs. We shall call this one Tiny. 

Aside from a new shipment of the same supplements I get, I have no other new things. Allie would still like to get a bit for me (she is using a 4 3/4 inch french link snaffle) that we can call our own, since the snaffle is Beth's bit. Allie would also like a driving bit, but she is not sure what to get for that yet or what I will like. And a nice Western saddle pad is in our future. We am currently using Kathy's, when Allie does ride (which is like never anymore). That is about it for our list of need very soon things!

What new things have you recently gotten for your horse? What do you need or what would you like to get?



  1. I love horse shopping! It takes years to get all he perfect stuff for your pony. I have a new boy and we have a long list of things we need. We have a big used tack sale and I need to get a list going. Rain sheet, saddle, bell boots, long lines, a rubber bit, reins, and something w s

  2. Ahhh! Dang iPhone sent too soon. My last sentence was going to say "something w sparkle" I know hEs a boy but I love the bling!

    1. I secretly think all horses love the bling, boy or girl :)

  3. I got my smartpak supplements today. Does getting a Chiro guy count as getting something? Ummmm, Mom really wants a Sensation Westlish Saddle but, that'll be a few years yet. On account party that the Chiro costs lots!

    1. I got my supplements, too, so it counts! We can eat them, right? Better than a saddle pad, I say. A saddle pad means work!

  4. You must be really special to get a tote with your name on it, lucky you.


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