Saturday, September 15, 2012

equestrian team meet

Kathy and I mucked stalls at the speed of light today so we could go watch the high school equestrian team meet at the fairgrounds. Dulce's owner, Jillian is riding Dulce and Caesar for one local team (at the high school I attended!) and Louise, the reiner is riding for another high school. 

It was fun to get out and watch all the kids ride. We saw some bareback riding, jumping, trail, reining, and gymkhana. Sadly, we did not get out in time to see Jillian ride Dulce in hunt seat, but we did see her do trail with Caesar.

For the second week in a row, poor Casear is scared of the mailbox. But with practice, I am sure he will overcome this fear. 

Then we Louise do her thing in reining. Since she is a pro, it is no surprise she took first in her class! She was the only horse that did an actual sliding stop and executed near perfect spins. Louise really is such a good horse!

Kathy really liked this horse and his coloring. He was a nice looking horse. 

It was nice to get out and have a relaxing Saturday around horses! I can't believe how many high schools have an equestrian team these days. When I went to high school, we never had such a thing, and it wasn't even that long ago! There is one more meet left this season, unless the team qualifies for regionals.  I think Shyloh wants to be on the team next year. . . what do you say? I just have to find a high school kid to ride her. . .

And I found this at the barn today! Always an adventure in nature!
Praying Mantis!


  1. That's so awesome that HS's are encouraging young Equestrians like that. Looks like a blast to watch. Jillian has be a lovely girl, my daughter is also a Jillian :)

  2. A high school equestrian team? That rocks! They certainly didn't exist in my town when I was in high school. Here in my new town, they probably have a high school rodeo team, but I'm not certain about an equestrian team.

  3. Sounds like a fun day!

    I wish the high school I went to had an equestrian team. But, the high school I graduated from was in a fairly large city, so there weren't very many kids who had horses or who were even interested in horses.

    We did have one of the local rural high schools team up with our rescue a couple of years ago. Their ag program fostered about half a dozen of our horses for several months. It was a great experience for the horses because they got handled by a lot of different people and exposed to a lot of new things. The kids had a lot of fun too. :)



  4. How interesting! I wish our schools had riding teams! Only some of our universities even have them! I would love to see reining too, I have never seen a reining class in the UK!

  5. I love going to watch horse shows on a weekend. We didn't have riding teams when I went either. It started just after I left. I wasn't riding in HS though so I wouldn't have attended. I think it is so great. Kids with horses often don't have time to participate in other sports so this gives them a chance to be part of a team. The gal who leases Romeo wants to do high school eq this year.


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