Thursday, September 6, 2012

goofball animals

Goofy Shyloh short stories: 

One day I was talking to someone and petting their horse in the cross ties. We heard a strange noise and turned around. Shy was on her knees, with her butt still in the air, neck stretched halfway across Ryleigh's stall, trying to crawl under her stall guard to get a single piece of hay! It was one of the funniest sights ever and I what I would not give to have gotten a photo of that! I told the chiro and the farrier that story and they both said no wonder she had problems! My horse is a contortionist!

Then, the other day, I was walking Shy down the aisle. Sometimes when I do this, I let Shy sniff and check everything out as we walk. She is so curious! She came upon one of those plastic totes. It was filled with hay replacer pellets for the new horse, Maverick, an underweight and scarred up rescue Standardbred (possibly) . I let Shy fiddle with the tote. She pushed it around with her nose, then figured out how to open it. I just stood next to her watching. Shy sniffed inside, stopped and looked around (I think she knew she was not "supposed" to be in the box), then dove her head inside. The tote moved and Shy jumped in the air and stepped back. But curiosity got the best of her and she went immediately back. Then stepped back, but not as far this time. This happened about six times, each time the reaction (which was completely caused by her actions) was less and less, until she was finally just flinching a little. And I think it was not because she was scared of the tote, but because she knew it was not hers to have. Can that be possible? If not, I'd still like to think so. Anyway, it was rather funny to watch the whole interaction!

I have also caught Shy stretching like a dog, with her butt in the air and her head and front feet down. This horse can make me laugh as easily as she can frustrate the daylights out of me!

As for the dogs. . .

My husband got a phone call from the neighbors saying that we were blaring music  in the house. They could hear it in their house! And we were both at work. It appears that one of the dogs (I am guessing Cooper since he likes to lay on remotes, phones, the computer mouse) decided to nap on the couch, stepped on the receiver remote to turn on the radio, then continued to lay on the volume button until it went as high as it could go. Mike said he could hear the music through the neighbor's phone!
Wasn't me!!
He asked his sister to go to our house to turn the music off. She said she could hear the music from the car! And when she went inside, both Cooper and Maggie were hiding in the furthest room from the source. Oops. . .no more just throwing remotes on the couch for us! 
Didn't do it!!
What goofy things do your animals do?


  1. Well, you already know some of Camyrn's antics from my last post. Onyx likes to climb to the top of the hay and take himself for walks. Margeaux enjoys snoozing on top of Hubs grill, Hubs truck, & play peeping cat thru the windows aggrivating the dogs. Maizee just learned she can jump high & has to show that off often, this can involve jumping over Onyx over and over as he walks along. Ivy likes to sit up like a meerkat to show of her cuteness, and torment Promise into a game of "chase me" & carry empty water bottles about. Promise loves wondering thru my veggie garden bending pepper plants in her wake, she's a very peaceful girl. Tye is nearing 17 and mainly likes to sleep except for dinner time when he dances for his supper. Mmmm, did I leave anyone out?

  2. Your animals (and Camryn's) all do much cuter antics than mine. Mine are all a bit uncivilised!
    Flurry likes to rest his butt on the automatic water trough, and then poop into it. Yeuk.
    Aero - well Aero's just perfect, he can do no wrong!
    Pepper likes to roll, then when he's done his back, he turns over and scratches his belly on the ground (it kinda looks like he's humping the ground), then he ends up sitting up like a dog for a minute.
    Cinnamon learning to swim in France was just about the cutest thing she's ever done. She's pretty sweet anyway, she is quite convinced that everyone sitting on the couch needs a small brown dog curled up beside them. She likes to completely shred every dog toy she ever finds, which can get quite messy.
    Fat Cat likes to find a dark corner and sleep and sleep and sleep.
    Skinny Cat likes to find Fat Cat, and he's very unhappy if Fatty is missing for a few days, he wanders around calling and calling for him. Both cats like to wrap themselves around Cookie when she's on the leash. When they see us taking her out first thing in the morning they come trotting over, tails straight up and start winding backwards and forwards under her chin, taunting her because they know she's restrained.
    Which brings me to Cookie. Where do I start? Hedgehog murderer, wannabe cat slayer, tree-climbing dog who has just discovered Pilates. There's a video on the way ;-)

    1. Can't wait for the video! You have a constant source of entertainment, too!

  3. Oh my goodness!! Those stories are so great! Thanks for making me laugh!!


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