Monday, October 15, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #58

What's wrong with this picture?

I have a saddle on!! Why? What for? I am pony, wild and free! I cannot be tamed. Or not. . .
So sunny!
I am pretty comfortable on the hills. I can see everything, put up a foot, and relax. Here, I was watching the big farm equipment harvest the crops.
Still sunny!
I have mastered my balance on the way down the hills. I always think that there is food for me between all the rocks.

What is this? Why do I have a towel on my head?

Allie says we are training to be like Pippin and Chesna and ride blindfolded, bareback, and bridle-less. Allie has a looong way to go before that happens!

And look! I am in a picture. . .

Haha, well, it COULD be me!



  1. Aww, yay Shyloh! I love the towel on her head.

  2. OMGoodness Mom bout peed herself on that last pic!! Someday Ally will ride you bitless and bareback. I wouldn't count on the blindfolded part ;)

    1. Someday!! We will see. . .
      I am sure Camryn has her moments when she tries to get that one piece of grass on the other side of the fence ;)

  3. HAHA, I LOVE the cartoon, it is soooooo Shyloh!

  4. Uh-Oh. Harley might be part Haflinger. He knows that non-trick!

  5. Haha Shy you look funny with your blindfold, these humans hey, they do the most peculiar things don't they? You look very fine!


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