Monday, October 22, 2012

monday musings by shyloh #59

Allie took me from everything I knew and loved and moved me. At first I was like. . .no! I don't want to leave my barn. But then I saw the trailer and was like. . .yay! I like trailer rides, we go fun places. We got out a a new place and I was like. . .let's check this new place out. I was put in a paddock and I got some hay. It was all good. I was near some other horses. But then Allie took me to another paddock with a shelter and I was not real close to any other horses. I called out! It was getting dark. I was ready to go home. . .

But I had to stay. At least I found some other horses like me that I could see. Allie came back the next day. Then she left me again. Why couldn't I go home?

Allie came back again. She put me in the super giant pasture with trees. I walked around with her for a while, then I saw the other horses. I am not sure I like them too much, so I ran back. But Allie made me go meet them. It wasn't too bad, even though I preferred to stay up front. That is were all the action was anyway. 

Soon, all the other horses came up front and some were mean! I let them know that I don't want to fight or be their boss, but I will protect myself! Then I found some nice horses to hang out with. Allie left and I had a good night. I didn't get beat up, even during feeding time!

And Allie came back once more. This time we had fun! We went through all these trails and I wasn't bothered by anything at all. No spooks!

Woods. . .check!
Fallen branches. . .check!

Trucks with trailers. . .check!
Riding lawn mowers. . .check!
Leaf blowers. . .check!
Halloween decorations. . .check!
Barking dogs. . .check!
Bikes. . .no big deal. Until the little girl who wanted to pet me walked her bike up. That made me step back and snort. But Allie made me touch the bike and it was all good.

We started the ride/walk with just me and two other horses, but then we met up with two more horses along the way. We walked through woods and fields, on the street past houses, crossed roads, and found a MetroPark, five miles Allie said!!. Fun day. . .I think I am going to like it here after all!



  1. Shyloh! It sounds like you've had a very fun and interesting weekend :)

    1. It was good and the weather was nice. . .can't complain!

  2. Awesome news Shy. I'm so happy those meanies aren't give you problems. Otherwise I'd have to come up there and give em what for. Soon I bet once your Mom knows how good you are on the trail she'll hop on up in the saddle. I'm mighty impressed with you walking by those scary halloween thingies. Very wise that you kept your ears on them just in case though.

    1. Yes, my ears were like radar, since I have never been in those types of places before. But my head was down and I was pretty relaxed overall.

  3. I think this was an excellent move, Shy. Your human is a smart one :)

    1. So far, so good. Let's not let Allie's head get too inflated, now :)


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