Tuesday, October 30, 2012

brrr. . .sandy. . .eye. . .brrr

Captain Obvious says. . .It's cold!! We are experiencing the effects of Sandy here in Michigan. High winds, rain, cold. . .but I do have to be grateful that we were not hit directly. I have been thinking and spending good thoughts to all my blog friends over in New Jersey and that area. I pulled up to the barn and this was pretty much the extent of the damage that I saw. . .
Pine tree down. . .driveway to the barn
I had been freaking out about Shyloh and how she would do during this whole storm. I though I should run out to the barn, put her halter on with an ID tag and braid another ID tag in her tail. . .just in case. But the all the horses held out well. My barn has been great about this storm, too. They put the pasture horses in a smaller area than their normal pasture so they could have more grass. It was nice that the horses got more grass so they could use it to keep their bodies warm. And Shy was warm! 
Nom nom hay!
There is a new horse in the pasture, too. I am not sure who it is, but Shy has been bossing him around. And I caught her grazing near the mean mares, Rainy Day and Shy. Now that there is another new horse, they are picking on him. 
Shay, Rainy Day, and Shy
They took Analeesa, the horse under Shy in the herd, out of the herd because she kept getting run off of her food and had started to lose weight. I am glad that they keep an eye on things like that.

And speaking of eyes. . .Shy either ran into something, got a branch dropped on her head, or kicked right above the eye. Poor girl has a few marks and her right eye looks a bit swollen. I opened it and looked around and didn't see anything. She seems fine, but is kind of keeping it closed. I opted not to call a vet out, it just seems swollen and she did not seem to be in any pain. I could touch it with no problem. 
Hard to see, but it's there
I think I can say Shy is officially comfortable now. She thinks she is a wild and free pony, as predicted. She was running from me as I came to get her off the grass. It kind of made me happy, she looked good trotting away and she looked happy. But I caught her and spent some time grooming her. 
Go girl!
It's too early to be this cold!!


  1. Will you have to resort to bribery to catch her again? (or have you already resorted to it??)

    1. I have not resorted to bribery. . .yet. I might have too though. Ugh! Even though every time I get her, I give her her tasty supplements once we get to the groom stall. Wild and free!

  2. She looks great! I'm glad she weathered the storm, and that you guys didn't get too much from it. Horses usually do quite well in storms. Our coastal friend used to turn her horses out when hurricanes were threatening - they'd just stand in the open with their tails to the wind. They seemed to know not to stand in the trees.
    I was so sorry to see your saddle! Bad Shy! Bad, bad pony! It sure shows you how strong little Haffies can be... and I think they have a built in 'pull' reflex, perhaps more than other horses!

    1. Yeah, once again, it is me who is the worrier. Shy is just fine. You missed so much while you were away having fun!! The saddle was crazy, she wasn't bolting or anything, just walked out, got stuck, gave a little tug and kept walking.

  3. Glad you're unscathed after the storm, we've been sending good luck vibes across the water :-) Shy looks really content in her home now - so nice to see!

    1. She seems happy which makes me happy. She is still low in her herd status, but she seems okay with that.


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