Wednesday, October 3, 2012

trophies, books, escapes, and broken things

What have me and Shyloh (awesome proper grammar, but I feel too formal writing Shyloh and I) been up to lately?
Hi there!
Besides the Barn Fun Day (here and here), we have been doing pretty much the same old stuff.  I did forget to mention the trophies!!
Trophies with style . . . courtesy of my dad
Baby Bob and Beth got a trophy because Bob was the only horse to actually lose his handler and take off, Jillian and Dulce got a trophy because they did really great and Dulce was the only horse who chose to jump the pool noodle obstacle, and Terry and Dulce got a trophy because Terry did not think Resy would do any of the obstacles and he did all of them!

I have read four horse related books. The first, 101 Ground Training Exercises for Every Horse and Handler by Cherry Hill was a bit of a disappointment. Not to say it was not informative. . .it just was not anything new for us. The best thing that I got out of that book was that we have done almost every exercise in there. That was kind of a booster for me since I have been feeling a bit down about our lack of progress lately. 

The second book, 101 Longeing and Long Lining Exercises English and Western: A Ringside Guide by Cherry Hill was much more useful. There was a handful of lunging exercises that I think may be helpful for both myself and Shy. Some Beth already discussed with me. . . now we just need to do them.

Equine Fitness: A Program of Exercises and Routines for Your Horse by Jec Aristotle Ballou was a very interesting read! There was a ton of explanation on how the muscles of the horse work and provided details on in hand and ridden exercises and stretches. The back of the book has cards with each exercise that can be tore out so I don't have to carry the book around. There were even exercises and stretches that focused specifically in the rear end, Shy's weak area. After some warm up, we have begun doing a couple of the stretches. The book also shares signs that your horse is relaxing into the stretch. It is a nice touch. The author also stresses the danger of over-stretching.

We also tried backing up our little asphalt hills. That was hard work! Shy was not too thrilled about that exercise. . .

The last book was for me, The Rider's Fitness Program by Dianna Robin Dennis, et al. I have read it and made copies of the workout routines so I can do them. Then I got the flu, but I am better now. . .so I just need a huge push to get started!

In other news, Shy escaped out of a pasture yesterday. She went right under the fence and ran to the big, much grassier pasture with the pond. Then Shy proceeded to give Kathy a hard time being caught to get her out of that pasture. I guess she ducked right under the fence to get out. Good thing that is not her regular pasture! Later that day, she busted a ring right off of her surcingle right before we got to the arena, effectively putting an end to the lunging lesson I had planned. Luckily I know someone that has the capability to sew through leather to fix it.  
Escapee. . . see those little hairs at the top of her tail? That's not rubbing, it is new tail growing in! Her mane is doing the same thing.
Aside from that, chiropractor and farrier next week. Shy seems to be doing good, but she is still a little jerky with her left rear leg. We actually had a true affectionate moment the other day, initiated by Shy! I was picking her rear feet (and I was not farted on for once) and Shy rested her head on my back. It was cute.

Anything exciting happening in your equine news? Ready for winter? Shy's hair sure is filling in! She is getting fuzzy!!
Patriotic Shy!


  1. Bully for you escaping, would've loved to be there and join in on that :) Mom loves reading Mark Rashid's books, over n over n over. Oh, I my winter woolies are coming along quite nicely too.

    1. I visited his booth at Equine Affaire, but missed his clinic. I have heard good things about him. Any book in particular I should start with?

  2. My mom's a die-hard Mark Rashid fan, too. I don't know that his books are so much instructional (as in how-to), but they definitely give you thinks to think about. I'm a Julie Goodnight fan - her books break things down so that they make sense (as do her clinics and TV show). I think you read, watch, do as much as you can and then figure out what works best for you and Shy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to horses and the person who says there is is a fool.

    Shy's looking cute in her woolies.

    I'll have to get a picture of Estes in her winter clothes when I go up next week. She ends up looking like a giant bay fluff ball.

  3. I like Julie Goodnight, too. Also, after seeing Buck in person, I am totally in awe of his way with horses!
    Shy is such a cutie... and so typically Haffie! I love her!!


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