Wednesday, August 21, 2013

horse talking and sass

Shyloh's level of sass has been out of this world lately! But before I get into that, I want to share a cute story from the show this weekend.
I did ask Shy if she had fun at the show and this was her response
It's about Art and Curly. Who just can't love those two? This was Curly's first show driving all by himself, what a big boy! Beth was driving him and Sierra was driving Art with me riding along. As we were warming up around the show grounds Art and Curly were going along, just having themselves a good ol' horsey conversation. Curly would neigh and Art would answer. Back and forth they went. . .it was quite cute. And they were not calling out loud, it was not obnoxious at all. I can only imagine what they were saying:
Curly: Look at me, Art! I'm doing so good all by myself!
Art: Great job, Curly, keep up the good work!
Curly: I will, this is fun! 
Art: Yup, just make sure that you are paying attention.
Curly: Look at meeee!
Curly and Art. I didn't have any photos of them driving single
And then Sierra stopped Art short because some people walked right in front of us. Curly came right up to our back and had his head over the back of our cart. That horse is something else!

While those two were having their driving conversation, Shy was back at the trailer nickering away at almost every horse that walked by her. Extra special nickers for Notch, Clutch, and Reba. It was different, yet nice, to hear her "talking" to all the horses. Overall, she is a pretty silent horse. But lately she has been feeling very vocal.
Speak to me!
And sassy. So so sassy. I got a text from Jaime the other day that Shy would not come near her grazing muzzle. I told her not to worry about it. When I went out later Kyle said he was chasing Shy around her pasture trying to get it on her. And whoa can Shy move. . .she was doing sliding stops and turns on her back legs like he had never seen. She was determined to not have that muzzle on.
Keep that muzzle far from me!
Then I got another text from Jaime saying she couldn't get Shy in the barn last night. Shy was playing ring around the round bale, making Jaime chase her as she was tossing her head in defiance. I told Jaime to just leave Shy outside next time she pulls that. There is water and she is used to staying out anyway. 
I mean, really?
Then today. . .I came to the barn. Shy had removed her halter and muzzle somehow. It appears that she rolled them off. I found the halter and went up to Shy to put it on, trying to make it easier when she comes in at night. Shy was having no part of that and ran and ran and ran. So, I told her if you want to run, we will run. I kept her in a canter around the pasture as she tossed her head and bucked in joy. Shy had no problem running around. She even switched directions. Once she stopped, but as soon as I walked near her, off she went! More canter, toss, and buck. She looked so pretty running about and I was actually surprised that she was willing to keep the canter up for as long as she did. Finally, Shy stopped and let me put the halter on her. Whew. Later, I found the muzzle on the far side of the pasture. I was not even going to attempt that. . .
Even that tail is sassy!
I wanted a week of rest (mostly for me) but I think Sassy Shy will be put back into work sooner than planned. I am thinking a tire drag to build muscle. . .


  1. Work work work and the steadiest routine you can manage... that's the best advice I can give you to help her settle again!

    1. That's the plan. . .at least as much as my schedule allows. She is perfectly fine most of the time, which makes me think she just wants to get out of work.

  2. Sounds like someone's feeling well.... a little too well? Tire dragging here she comes ;-)

    1. Yeah, we really need to get into a work routine. Spunky girl is getting too much leisure time.

  3. Totally forgot the part where Shy tried to kick the crap out of the pony who we were trying to trailer home with us. She wanted no part of him in "her" spot in the trailer. Weird, cause she normally doesn't care about stuff like that.

  4. Replies
    1. Ha! Her goal of outgrowing her tack is working. We need to slim her down.

  5. Oh Sassy Shy what is bugging you girlfriend.
    From Honey Bee Mini and Tinkerbella shetland at Willows farm. (psst shy we love you anyway )


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