Friday, August 2, 2013

pony and the kids

Shyloh had her second lesson being a lead line pony. I think she really enjoys it. Lily and Tommy had a great time and got to learn some horse care routines.

First, I did a mini photo shoot with Shy while we waited. . . 
Blackberries! Shy spits out the red ones, they aren't ripe enough for her!

Flowing mane. . .
Then Shy got the royal treatment. She was groomed by both Tommy and Lily. They even wanted to stand on the crate so they could reach all of her! They worked hard under the watchful eye of Terry, their aunt. Terry is quite the stickler for a good grooming.
brush brush brush
Getting all the spots!
They both wanted to pick Shy's feet. Tommy was real good at it and interested in how to do it. I held Shy's hoof while they each had a turn. Before it was time to ride, though, we had to wait for the farrier. This is when Shy decided to test the kids and pull pull pull for the grass. Poor Tommy didn't let go of the rope and went for a run with Shy as she was pulling. I let him know if she does that again to let go, I don't want her dragging him! I got Shy off the grass and gave her back to Tommy. And she walked much better for him this time. 
Tommy walking Shy to were the farrier works
This is how we wait. . .

Finally, it was time for the highlight of the day. . .riding time! The kids were so excited to ride! Lily went first this time. I walked her around the property then took her in the arena.

Her mom, Alison, was teaching her proper riding. Lily really is good at it! She has a great balance! 
Eyes closed, hands out. Lily rocked it!
And I think Shy really likes her. . .

Shy has a really nice walk with Lily on her back. I even got Shy to trot a little bit with Lily! After a couple bumpy starts, Shy was able to ease into a nice trot. Lily even got to ride Shy with no one holding the lead line! And since she can't really turn Shy yet, I had Lily telling Shy gee and haw. . .which worked! Ha, I'll turn these kids into draft pony kids soon enough!
On their own!
Next up was Tommy. He was so happy to be up in the saddle! He gave Shy a giddy up and Shy scooted forward, but Tommy kept his balance like the cowboy he is. After that, Shy was back to her old self. She walked much slower with Tommy, she seemed to sense that Tommy did not have the balance that Lily had.
Once Tommy saw the barn kitties, all he wanted to do was hold the kitties. 

Once we were done, the kids helped me untack Shy and put her stuff away. Then Shy got her apples. Happy pony. Happy kids. Happy me. 


  1. Ah Shy you are AWESOME! What a great pony you are with those small people, we love you!

    1. Thank you! The love is much returned to you Muleteers!

  2. It's amazing how good she is with the kids.
    Clever mare :D

  3. Awww, Shy is so good with the kids! I love that :)

    1. Thanks, it makes me so happy to be able to share her with little ones!

  4. gah! I can't get over how cute and wonderful shyloh is :P


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