Monday, August 12, 2013

monday musings by shyloh #97

I'm such a good pony! I am really good at carrying the kids around and walking next to them. Although. . .I did have to test them out real quick to see if I could drag them to grass, but Allie and Terry put me back in line, so I behaved myself. 
Waiting for my wee ones!
I did some work with Tommy and Lily practicing Showmanship. I have to be real careful with the little ones and take small steps so I don't step on their feet.
Lily leading
Tommy's Showmanship pose
Then we did some riding. I have to be careful with riding, too, and not move very fast so they stay on my back. Except a few time when I did move a little fast. . . oops, but they stayed on, so it's all good! But I do really try to be extra careful with the kids on my back. 

Tommy is still working on his balance, so he practices while I stand still. He is such a brave cowboy! I have to close my eyes to concentrate and stand super still when he is not holding on.
Riding all by himself!
Working on that balance
Lily is much better, but she is older. I even got to trot with her! At first, I was unsure of how I was supposed to trot, so I went a little bit fast. But then I kept feeling Lily lose balance, so I would have to stop and start all over. So after a few times, I did a nice steady and slow jog. That was much better and Lily was able to sit that without losing her balance. 
Little equestrian
We make a great team!
I think Tommy and Lily really have a good chance of doing well in the lead line classes with me! And even if we don't win, we will still have a lot of fun! I think I am almost as excited for show time as they are!
Even if I had fun, I still gotta roll the work off!
Lily, Tommy, and Terry got to check out my new crib after I got done working. Tommy is country to the core! 
Eating a corn from the field
Lily put a flower on Shady's head
These are Terry's favorite
Isaac thinks he is little like the kids and donkey. We will never tell him he is not little, he would be too upset!
Shady is always a favorite!
Look at that!!


  1. What a good girl you are Shy! We are loving Shady too.... those long ears are just beautiful :-)

  2. Oh you are a good girl Shy, it is hard work taking care of the little future horsemen and women of the world, but it is an important job, so that their confidence isn't shaken. It is ponies like you that help them get started.
    Atta girl.
    And might I add that you look fabulous while doing it!

  3. You're doing an awesome job creating horse lovin kids. Mom says the new neighbor girl is all excited bout me coming. Maybe I'll get to tote her about too???

  4. I love how horses take care of little ones

  5. Please please please ... helmets on the wee ones. I don't care if adults choose to forgo brain bucket protection, they're big, they can make insane choices if they want. And while I certainly wouldn't think a parent would be a very good parent if they let little Susie careen around wildly on her very own Dobbin, it's a risk they're willing to take, so whatever, and it's her very own pony.

    But you need to protect yourself, Allison, and Shyloh.They aint your kids and you might be total besties with their parents, but insurance companies won't give a hoot about waivers and that kinds of junk. I won't let anyone ride the cart without a helmet now,and I wouldn't let anyone ride my horse without a helmet, especially a little kid. It's just liability protection for me. If it was a kid with her own pony and her parents said whatever,fine, whatever. But I'm not going to risk my mare or Mitch that way.

  6. Gorgeous photos of the kids & horses & Shady
    (Shady is so cute, maybe even cuter than you...)

  7. Shy, you rock! Great job with the wee ones.


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