Saturday, February 8, 2014

drumroll please. . .

And the winners of the Horze giveaway, in order are:

#1 Megan H
#2 Melissa S
#3 Saiph from Wait for the Jump
#4 Hannah from Chronicles of a Moody Mare


I'll send everyone an email so I can get your prizes out to you right away!
Thank you to Horze once again for their generous giveaway! 

On to Shyloh. . .
I missed this fuzzy pony all week!
My pony was so sweet yesterday! I think she knew I had a crappy week at work and was super awesome for me. I did a little bit of work with her. We worked on sidepassing, backing, and bow. 

Shy was sidepassing and backing like a champ. Once again though, I am sure when it is time to do it at a show in front of a judge, Shy will act like I am asking her to do handstands or spin on her head. I'll have to video some proof. 

I also went back to working on the bow. Shy has the get her head between her legs part down, it's just the bending on the knee that she has trouble with. I think it stems from asking her to go down a little bit and that is a vulnerable position for her. But today we made some progress. I held her leg up and when she lowered her head through her front legs and relaxed, she went down on her knee! She wouldn't stay but for a second, but it is a start!
Love that she walks up to me now
More freezing weather and snow on its way. . .yuck!

And Equestrian at Hart is hosting a Higher Standards Leather Care Soap giveaway! Check it out!


  1. Awesome on the giveaway!! :D So excited! My e-mail is ntorrech (at) yahoo (dot) com. And yay for more progress with Shy!

  2. Definitely get some video proof, we'd love to see it! :)

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for your blog, it never fails to make me smile! Have accidentally just been reading through for half an hour :) look forward to the video proof!! xx

  4. Wonderful giveaway! Thank you :)
    Be sure to get video proof; it is always fun to see Shy in action!

  5. So will you have to bow to the Minions? Just kidding!

  6. How wonderful to see the changes in the time you have had her! You are such a good mom!


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