Thursday, April 24, 2014

appreciating what you have blog hop

Another gem from L. Williams at Viva Carlos! It is all about taking a minute to appreciate the horse you have and not about what they can't do yet or what you are working on or what you wish you could change. 

Let's take a moment to appreciate the Pros of our current ponies, whether you own them or just ride them in lessons. 

Shyloh. . . oh sassy Shyloh.

  • She is small but strong enough to carry me around
  • She can be off work for long amounts of time, then ride/drive (kinda drive) without being crazy
  • She is cute, when she is not giving the evil eye
  • She does not need to be lunged before being ridden, she is pretty sane that way
  • She is phenomenal with the kids
  • She is an easy keeper, hardy, and easy to take care of
  • She is not a picky eater
  • She puts up with me and all my shenanigans 
  • She is totally fine being by herself or with a herd of horses
  • She loves going new places
  • She loads into a trailer like a dream
  • She is funny and goofy
  • She is willing and eager to please, usually
  • She loves her hooves picked! She will hold them up for me as I go around her to get the mud and poop out.
  • She is smart, so so smart. Too smart
  • She is independent
Shy seems to have a lot of good qualities going for her. Gotta love my happy little pony!

Shy and Whitney Houston


  1. Haha love the picture of Shy and Whitney. ;) I love that she's just chilling out with her, haha!!!

  2. Shy is awesome! So certainly has a tons of positives <3

  3. Shy is your super star .
    I so appreciate my small mares too ~ equines rock !


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