Sunday, April 6, 2014


Fun times this weekend!

The weather improved and I rode Shyloh! Yay for another ride with no scoots. Just a couple little spooks but it was all good. 

First, I finally fitted the breastcollar that came with the saddle to Shy. I had to punch a couple holes to tighten it up because it was a bit too big. Isn't Shy just the cutest?
Then I made her lunge for a couple minutes, just so she could get used to it.
Took the tail out for a bit
And I got on. The first ten minutes are the worst. I have to get myself to relax and get used to Shy's movements again. After that, it is all good. Shy tries to mess with me to make sure that she really has to listen to me, but after we get that out (even though it does take me a minute to figure it out and ensure that she is in a good mood and not really to kill me) Shy is really, really good. 
Good pony!
We had a good ride, a couple fights about direction and sometimes moving forward, but overall good. Shy was moving really well off my leg and stopping really well. And so relaxed. Ugh, why do I always worry so much at first? Shy keeps a nice low head and really doesn't let much bother her. Her spooks came from Terry riding Reba and tapping Reba with the whip to get her to trot. 

It's funny that after we ride, Shy is always so much more cuddly.Which makes me think she  really does enjoy it. I am hoping that after a couple more successful rides in the round pen (which is a huge draft sized round pen), we might be ready to venture out back!
Crazy mane!
Also, me and Jaime built an outdoor chicken pen to transition the bigger chicks that are too big for the little chicks but not quite big enough for the grown chickens. Did I mention we have over 30 chickens now. . . ? We hope to get lots of eggs: white ones, brown ones, blue ones, green ones, and brown speckled ones!
Whitney Houston got moved outside.
Oh, and Reba peed on Terry's head. . .gross!


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