Friday, April 4, 2014

wind and rain and mud, oh my!

I was sick earlier this week. Sick, on the couch, bundled in a blanket, hacking my lungs out, not able to go outside sick. On the nicest days we have had this year so far.

So, when I am finally able to make it out to the barn, of course it we have 50 mph winds, rain, and the pastures are a mud pit along with the horses. Such is life. We can only have a few perfect days in the year that aren't too cold, too frozen, too rainy, too hot, too muddy, too whatever. 

But I still went because I missed sassy Shyloh and all her animal companions. Of course, the three big, black horses were huddled in the barn away from the wind, rain, and mud and Shy and her minions braved the weather for the comfort of the round bale. It is all about priorities, right?

I clean Shy up as best as I could knowing she was going back out in the wind and rain and mud. I got some more hair off of her, which I think she liked. Then I hopped up on her bareback for a quick minute. 

Shy was in a cuddly mood today, maybe she missed me too? I was still really bummed about the weather since I really wanted to start working Shy in the round pen since the snow was gone and the ground had dried (until the rain came). I also really want to work on riding. Weather said denied!
Whitney Houston is growing up so fast, she is getting stripes and has tail fathers now!
But the weather looks better for the rest of the weekend, so there is hope! Only a 10% chance of rain and partly cloudy! Joy!


  1. Glad you're feeling better! Hope the weather cooperates so you can ride! :)

  2. Always gotta put food right at the top of the list of priorities, life's too short ;-)

  3. Glad your feeling well enough to see Shy. Glad you have someone to care for her when your down and out. Wind, rain, mud that's the vision here as well SIGH

  4. Nothing can keep a hungry Haffie from her hay.

  5. Oh yuck to being sick. Glad you're on the up swing


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